About Last Night…


Ménage a quatre

I’m sitting here listening to Sex is On Fire, by Kings of Leon, and replaying vivid images in my head…

Master J and I went out for his belated birthday celebration, you know, the typical: dinner, drinks, bar. Had I anticipated where the night would take me, I’m not sure I would have left the [apartment] building.

I have to admit, I’m not writing this the day after, as I needed to get my head on straight. It’s been months since I initially confided in Master J about my new found feelings of opening our relationship to a third party. Since then, I’d joked that his birthday present this year would be another woman. Turns out that wasn’t completely untrue.

We started with drinks and, sad to admit, hamburgers with fries (even in France, the man wants his burgers!), at a restaurant called Le Caveau. There was live music, a young woman with a stellar voice, singing a mix of international covers (which basically means the top American hits, with a few French ones thrown in). Part way through our dinner, we noticed the owner of a club we frequent, Mick, sit down at the table behind us. He was accompanied by a couple. Master J said his hellos, I smiled, and we carried on. After our plates were cleared, the waitress came to us and said, in French, of course, that the couple with Mick are buying us a drink. I assumed it was for Master J’s birthday, as he had already been serenaded by the musician, making it common knowledge to everyone there. Turns out, that wasn’t the intention.

With the sweet taste of Bailey’s on my tongue,, we said our goodbyes, and headed to Le 24/7, the bar Mick owns. Upon arrival, and already feeling tipsy from the wine we had with dinner, we ordered a pitcher of beer.

I think it’s important for me to mention here that at Le 24/7 there is a bartender whom Master J and I find particularly attractive. During dinner, she came up in conversation, which lead to a serious conversation whereby I had to repress my jealousy. For someone who is attracted to women, and finds this bartender nice to look at, I couldn’t quite wrap my head around why I was having such a strong negative reaction to her. She has dark hair and blue eyes, average height, slim, cool. I’d explain later to Master J that I think my tragic flaw is I compare my insides (the way it feels to be in my body) to people’s outsides (the way they portray themselves). And, considering I tend to feel insecure, while on the surface people tend to look self-assured, I concluded that if Master J and I pursued her, he would fall madly in love and leave me.

Crazy, I know – it’s a whole other topic for another article.

Anyway, so I spent most of my time trying to ignore the bartender, even if I caught her staring at both Master J and I on numerous occasions.

Even now that the season has concluded, she remains a mystery.

That night, I decided to let my guard down and keep the peace between Master J and I – keeping the green monster at bay. Although I hadn’t expected anything out of the ordinary, nothing ordinary ended up happening.

Mick and the couple arrived at Le 24/7 shortly after us. Master J and I had taken a large booth for ourselves, but asked them to join us – especially considering their nice gesture of buying us a round. This is where everything changed.

I can’t tell you the first words that were spoken, especially since the couple were French (je parle un petit peu de français), but it was very obvious that she, I’ll call her Red, wanted me. Her husband, who I’ll call Blue, explained to Master J that he and Red were swingers, and that Red loves attractive women; however, he is not into men whatsoever.

Master J shared a bit about my recent sexual discoveries (the wanting of women), and how he too has no interest in men sexually. Meanwhile, Red and I are on the dance floor, grinding each other, when suddenly she kisses me.

I didn’t stop her. Even if the voice in my head was screaming, “Master J! What about Master J?” When the kiss was over, I ran to him, of course, and my first reaction was to apologize. He laughed and told me he didn’t care, and to have fun.

The flood gates were open.

With every drink my French became better, and as the conversation carried, I grew more attracted to Red. She was everything I had described to Master J – all of the qualities I imagined would turn me on. She was a bit shorter than me, curvy, large breasts, long red hair, big brown eyes, smiling, laughing, and fun. She made me feel comfortable. She broke the ice just by being in the same room. She was hot, and sexy and cute all at the same time. It stirred something in me that had been laying dormant for far too long.

But I was terrified.

I knew where the night would lead if I let it. Her and Blue made it very clear that they were interested in doing something. I just wasn’t sure what that was yet. Turns out we wouldn’t speak about it. I’d find out by diving in.

Here are a few crazy details, before I get into the really good stuff. Like I said, Master J had asked me in the recent past to describe what I thought I’d be looking for in a woman. I mentioned all of the things that Red was. When Master J was speaking to Blue, he found out that not only did they live in the same building as us, but literally the apartment across the hall.

Universe! What are you trying to do to me?

So, when we all decided to leave the bar, it was inevitable that we were going to end up in the same place. Red had asked whether we wanted to go to their apartment or ours. How did we decide? We both opened the doors to each apartment, Master J and I looked in theirs, Red and Blue looked in ours, and she settled with ours (probably because the bed was already made!).

When I came in, I immediately went to the fridge for a beer, thinking, “Okay, so now we’ll talk about what we want/like/don’t like, etc.” Nope! Red refused drinks, pulled me on the bed beside her and immediately started taking my clothes off. Master J pulled up a chair and began to watch. He was joined by Blue shortly after.

So, how did it all go down? Let me tell you…

Her shirt came off first. Then mine. Then her pants. Then mine. I went from a kneeling position to on my back. Her mouth moved its way down my torso, to between my legs. She began licking. It was soft, it was nice, it was different.

Never before had I been eaten out by a woman.

It only took a minute or so before I wanted to try, so I sat up and gently pushed her on her back. I followed her exact moves. Started at the mouth, to the neck, the nipples, down the belly and…there it was…the first pussy I’d ever put my tongue against.

And I did. And it was great. It was fun.

Her whimpers were high pitched and jumpy. Her body was smooth. Her pussy was beautiful. I loved everything about this moment.

The men sat and watched us I wish I could have seen it from their perspective.

Suddenly, as I was going down on her, my psyche was bombarded with images of lesbian scenes from movies! The most recent, Blue is the Warmest Color, came to mind, and suddenly I was dying to scissor her – see what all the fuss was about. I put myself on top of her, one leg under hers, and one leg over, facing the other way – similar to reverse cowgirl, yet with a twist – and I moved until I could feel her pussy against mine. It was so warm. I started slow, thinking maybe that’s what she wanted, but I wasn’t much enjoying it. I kept thinking about that scene in BWC, trying to remember the angle, the motion, the speed…so, I increased everything. Suddenly it became super intense. My pussy was grinding her pussy. Her moans were loud, matching mine. Our breathing in sync, heart rates increasing, wetness tripling.

This is when the men joined us. I think the scissoring amped up their desire (like I said, I wish I could have seen it from their perspective). Master J would tell me later that it looked like I was dominating her, which severely turned him on.

Four bodies on one bed, in the dark, moving, breathing, moaning, touching…how do I describe it? At one point I was being fingered, eaten out, felt up, and I didn’t know whose hands or mouth belonged to who. It was thrilling.

Red kept speaking things in French, and even if I didn’t understand them, the foreign sounds lit me up. It was mysterious and sensual, hot and raw, there was no overthinking, which I had imagined there would be an abundance of. Perhaps the alcohol helped. Perhaps it was because she knew what she wanted (me), and she took it without hesitation. The duality of her fierceness and gentleness ripped away all of my insecurities and uncertainties.

Very close to the end, Red was being fucked by her husband. I was near her face, and Master J knelt beside me. Red took hold of Master J’s cock. This sent Master J into an internal panic. As I had mentioned, there was no talking before hand. No discussion about boundaries or limits. Master J, as he would tell me after, was terrified that I would react negatively to her sudden actions. And regardless of the earlier tension we shared over the bartender, seeing her hand on his cock amplified every feeling I had that entire evening.

“Yes.” Was all I had to say before she began sucking him. It sent me into a frenzy. She didn’t stay there long, but it was long enough for me. She turned around to put her mouth on her husband, her pussy now facing Master J and I. I slid two fingers in. I pushed hard, moved fast, felt her breathing hitch, felt her body react, and I spoke to him – Master J: Do you like that? Do you like it when I finger her cunt?

Words poured out of me like hot lava, melting everything around me. Master J was reacting, Red was reacting, I was reacting, Blue was reacting. We were mercury, rising to the top of a vile. It was all becoming too much. Master J moved his hand over his cock, listening to the violence in my tone, my words. I knew what he needed, I knew how to get him. There may have been no true domination, but there was enough in that moment to bring him to his peak. I could see it. I could feel it. We were all so close.

“Can I?” Was all Master J asked, in French. Red and Blue responding, “Yes.” And there it was, my fingers in her pussy, her mouth on Blue’s cock, Master J coming on her back, me on high. The sky could have been falling and I would have noticed nothing else but the intensity of that moment. The beautiful explosion coming down after its bright and brilliant display. The exhibit came to a close. All sweat and spit and wet and images were ours for the keeping.

We all breathed. They gathered their clothes. Red promised to finish Blue in

their own apartment. We wouldn’t have minded if they’d stayed, but again, we didn’t know their boundaries. Perhaps this was the way they did things…so we respected their desire to leave.

They wanted us the next day – unfortunately, my hangover didn’t allow it. However, they have returned since, but that’s a story for another time…

Fuck-well, my friends!


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