Moon City, A Review from My Birthday Week in Paris

Image of the red, tribal-esque hot tub at Moon City, Paris.

My French King spoils me every year for my birthday. I think he enjoys the look of shock and awe on my face, along with the worshipping that follows. This year was no exception. Our Parisian friends were out of town for the week of my birthday, which gave James the ultimate planning opportunity. Since he introduced me to sex clubs, he’s been dying to take me to two specific places in his capital city. The first being a temple of love in the heart of Paris’ sex district — the mystical Moon City.

First Impressions

Before entering Moon City, it was disclosed to me that I’d be walking into a “nude party.” By many, it’s considered the best sex spa in Paris. I will say, the appeal begins on the outside, as you feel you’re stepping foot on set if an Indiana Jones film. Once you pass the threshold, the dramatic aesthetic follows you…

But first, you must pay.

As mentioned in 8 Things You Should Know Before Going to a Sex Club, James and I only participate in soirees by which single men are prohibited. As a couple we paid 68 euros for full day and night entry. This included six alcoholic beverages per couple, from a list of non-premium selection.

Because we arrived early evening (6:30pm), the clientele was sparse; amongst them, we were the youngest. We wouldn’t learn until later that the crowd doesn’t thicken until 9ish, around the time dinner is served. Moon City is known for their buffet. Too be honest, I’m skeptical of a buffet on a good day, let alone in a humid place where everyone is sweating and nude. I give it to them though, the food was fresh, well organized, and delicious. It helps that they served many light salads, leaving us energetic and not weighed down.

The club itself was quite astonishing. After being assigned a locker and a towel – and after removing our clothes – we descended into the depths of the cave-like surroundings. The bar is the point of entry. It is the brightest place in the club, as the rest is flooded with dimmed, red lights spilling onto the walls and floor, luring you deeper down the ignited hallway. The bar is lined with welcoming, brown leather couches. They sit against wood walls with intricate engravings.

Beyond the bar is a jacuzzi. Unfortunately for the first few hours we were in Moon City, the jacuzzi wasn’t heating up. The staff, however, was quite generous, and as a result of this inconvenience, offered us more free beverages. Erected behind the adjacent wall of the jacuzzi are showers and a staircase leading up to the sauna and cuddle rooms. The place, a mystical labyrinth!

Sexual Touches

Sexual activity is permitted in all areas minus the jacuzzi; the cuddle rooms being the most popular place for intimacy. The sexual ambiance increased after dinner, once everyone was loose from their first few drinks. It was at approximately this time I began to recognize mine and James’ growing popularity.

By the time the jacuzzi was warm enough, it was flooded with frisky couples. What an interesting thing to observe. No one spoke to each other. It was like viewing the nature channel – they all watched and waited – only, I couldn’t distinguish the hunters from the prey. The sexual energy was high, the sound was low. When J and I entered the jacuzzi, it was like an electric current shocked all the hungry ones. One-by-one they approached us, asking to switch. We politely declined.

The sauna can be found on the floor above the jacuzzi. It is the darkest room in the club, and the only place I felt vulnerable. It is an intimate space, which quickly became overcrowded.

The Crowd

As mentioned, Moon City seemed to attract a more mature crowd. As the night carried on, it became a 40:60 split (40% <40yo, 60% >40yo). I felt more at ease around the older crowd, as the men were less invasive and subtler in showing their interest.

The first man who approached me came when James was ordering drinks. In my opinion, this is not proper etiquette, as he blatantly waited for James to be out of sight. The man was probably my age and was quickly accompanied by his girlfriend. He did most of the talking, admitting that his partner found me attractive. Similar to the jacuzzi encounters, James and I shut it down quickly and gently.

Eventually, James and I found a private cuddle room with a lock. You see, there are cuddle rooms without doors, whereby passersby can watch. At first it was relaxing and enjoyable, then I looked over J’s shoulder and noticed eyes peering through one of the holes in the shutters. After kindly telling the man we didn’t want to be watched, he continued peering in anyway. Feeling angry at his blatant disrespect to our request, I took my towel and pushed it through the hole, poking him directly in the eye. I heard a small yelp, and the pit-pattering of foots steps disappearing down the corridor.

Although exhibitionism is something I enjoy practicing occasionally, I prefer being asked. For example, at the Oasis Aqua Lounge in Toronto, I have very much enjoyed putting on shows for passersby; however, there is a different level of consent and distance between you and others there, as opposed to the sex clubs I’ve experienced in Europe.

As much as that peeping Tom was a nuisance, I felt safe in Moon City. It was a very secure and semi-clean place to be. I say “semi” only because people don’t necessarily clean up after themselves before leaving the cuddle rooms. Which means, if you are desperate for some privacy, be prepared to wipe down the beds before using them (cleaning wipes provided).

Final Remarks

Because James and I aren’t swingers, I felt a little on-guard in Moon City. We love the ambiance of clubs – the sexual atmosphere, dark mood, and the sense of luxury. Being in a sexual environment can be quite exhilarating for the two of us. As well, we are both open and curious in speaking to others and exploring diverse lifestyles through conversation. We understand that this may be frustrating for some, as conversations often lead to physical interactions in these places. For that reason, and the numerous times we were approached, I couldn’t fully let myself go.

Moon City was a cool place to be. The moment you walk in, you forget you’re in Paris. In fact, you forget you’re in France. The division between the sex area and bar offers diverse atmospheres. Depending on what you prefer, or what mood you’re in, you can easily move between them as you please. Generally speaking, J and I aren’t too fond of steam rooms or saunas, but if it’s something you enjoy, this place won’t disappoint you.

If you ever find yourself in Paris, and are feeling inspired, I recommend Moon City. Remember, not every night is couple’s night, so do your homework! Otherwise you may have a hundred peering eyes, instead of just two. If you’re new to this world, and need a little extra guidance, check out my article, 8 Things You Should Know Before Going to a Sex Club, or contact me here for a one-on-one chat!

Until next time,

Fuck well, friends!

Quean Mo xx

So, tell me, have you ever visited a sex club? What kind of adult spaces attract you?

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