3 Dating Apps for Couples Opening Their Relationship

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Online dating can be anxiety-inducing, even if you’re tackling it as two. Before James, I never dated online, but after our first group sex experience, I knew it was time to expand our reach. 

Opening your relationship has its complexities, and finding the right third is not always an easy task. That is why I’m sharing the 3 best online dating apps James and I use to seek interested singles.

Online dating has benefitted our nomadic lifestyle because we can plan before arriving at our next destination. Call us old fashion, but we actually enjoy getting to know people prior to engaging in any recreational entanglements. Our first priority is connecting with other humans on a level that could elevate potential physical attraction. In other words, we aren’t sex-hungry globe trotters! Some of our dearest friends are people we have met through such online platforms. You see, these dating apps assist in finding compatible hangouts, let alone partners. So, whether you are travelers like us, or lovers of locality, James and I recommend these 3 dating apps for couples opening their relationship.

3Somer — The #1 Threesome Dating App for Couples and Singles

3Somer is a threesome dating and relationships app, made for singles, couples, and swingers.

James and I started with the free version of this app, which allowed us to view profiles of women and couples. When we came across an intriguing profile, we had the option to send a “heart” to them, with a generic message created by 3Somer. To send a custom message, you must be a paying subscriber. The issue this causes is, if the person whose profile you just “hearted” is also a free user, they cannot message you back. Additionally, unless you’re a paying member, you’re unable to see the profiles who liked you.

What’s great about this app for couples is you can have a customized bio for each partner on one account! It seems to be a popular choice within the community, and therefore you won’t be disappointed by the number of users online at any given time.

Although 3Somer could benefit from a free-trial period, James and I recognize this apps potential. If you’re interested in subscribing, there are multiple options, from 1-month to 1-year commitments, ranging from $15 to $100 — a little steeper than the next two apps.

Feeld — Dating for Humans

What was once called 3rinder (made by Tinder), comes Feeld, an app to meet singles and couples.

To register, you need to have a Facebook account*. It is similar to Tinder, although rather than swiping, you hit a “+” or “-” for each Feeld user that lands on your screen. Like Tinder, the moment you match with someone, you can begin communicating through an instant messenger. However, to view all profiles that liked yours, you require a monthly subscription. Unlike 3Somer, Feeld offers a free-trial period.

What I preferred about 3Somer over Feeld is you can create a single account for you and your partner. Using Feeld as a couple is a little more time consuming, as both partners are required to make separate accounts, and then link them together through an e-invite.

Since it is a product of Tinder, it gets a lot of traffic. Linked to the app is an online community, an events page, and a blog. It is incredibly user-friendly, and costs just under $20 per month, or $32 for 3 months.

*This has since been updated, and you can now register using email, your Apple account or Facebook.


The classic, and for a reason.

Although marketed to singles, more and more couples are creating profiles in order to find their special third.

James and I have received more interest, as well as engaged in longer and more pleasurable conversations, on Tinder than any other app. It has definitely boosted our confidence and comfort in the virtual dating world. It has also led us down some interesting roads. For example, since being on Tinder, I have received:

  • An invitation to a nude snap chat group
  • An invitation to a live masturbation stream
  • An invitation to a hot tub party

To put it lightly, there are no dull moments on Tinder. If you’re interested, they offer a free version; however, like every dating app, perks come with financial commitment. Tinder Plus is a $20 monthly commitment, whereas Tinder Gold offers 1, 6, and 12-month plans, ranging in price from $30 — $150.

A quick user note: it’s important to disclose you are a couple up front. We had an experience with an interested woman who missed the detail that I was seeking with my husband. She was (reasonably) upset, deleted us and reported our account. Because Tinder is made for singles seeking singles, use this with caution and be cognizant of other people’s wants.


Online dating can be a grueling process; however, going in with a positive attitude and low expectations will save you a lot of frustration. Depending on the shared desires of you and your partner, online dating may be a great way to experiment with your own feelings, as well as forward movement in the opening of the relationship!

From the start, James and I understood online dating would be a strange path; however, to our surprise, we’ve made some great memories! Remember there are humans on the other side of your screen, and sex is simply a bonus in life. Some of the greatest connections we’ve made came from building a friendship sans sexual chemistry. Yes, you will experience disappointment also — we’ve been stood up many times — however, that shouldn’t diminish the adventure you’re on together.

At the very least, online dating has opened the world for us. It has the power to take you out of your comfort zone and remind you that there are compatible humans out there, regardless of what you seek! So, enjoy and…

Until next time,

Fuck well, friends!

Quean Mo xx

P.S. What has your online dating experience been like?

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