Dear Santa…

I know you’re so busy during this time of year, however, I decided to create a naughty list of my own. I’ve included descriptions and images to be sure you don’t get confused. Just when we all thought those cheeks couldn’t get any rosierI’m afraid your “ho, ho, ho,” will have a whole new meaning this season.

Quean Mo’s Christmas List

(all item titles are clickable links)

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These twelve limited-edition pleasure objects – with their sleek, sexy brief case are some of the most elegant products I’ve seen on the market. Embellished in 18 karat gold, this gift is one for the most precious of lovers – items made for a Quean.

Price: Rose Gold (18K) 7 999 (marked down 20%); Black – 1 900 €

Aslan Leather’s Luxe Sub Surrender Kit

When I first came across this beautiful, white padded collar and handcuff set, my fantasies ran wild.

For myself, each collar represents a character I bring to each scene. This luxurious piece inspired a new persona – one of grace, class, and perhaps innocence. A woman whose beauty would haunt Master J so viciously, he’d have no choice but to possess her.

When an item speaks so clearly to me – tells me a story – it is almost my duty to acquire it.

Price: $169.50

Aslan Leather’s Plunge Paddle
I’m intrigued by the unique experience this paddle could offer. With its insertable “bulbous head and smooth shaft, the alternation between sting and pleasure would be deliciously unbearable.

This piece of equipment would make a remarkable addition to Master J’s torture kit.

Price: $60.00

Adam & Eve’s Selene Studded Dress

This faux leather, studded dress, is how I envision myself as a slave for Master J. With it’s alluring keyhole cutouts, and flexible material, there’s no position this number can’t achieve.

Price: 41,19 €

Show Story Bone Heels
I am addicted to shoes. Especially bad ass ones, with faux snake skin and bone heels. I’m not normally a “pink” girl; however, I can make an exception for these punked out heels.

Price: $36.99

2019 Subscription to Kink Academy
Something for everyone. Every taste. Every desire.”

As a sex coach and educator, I am continuously learning.
One realm I wish to explore further is BDSM. As a submissive, I recognize that I’m only at the tip of the iceberg in my own exploration, and I’m ready to plunge deeper.

The Kink Academy is one of the best resources for instructional BDSM education, as well, it also has talks on confidence, community, disability, polyamory, health and other complex subjects.

This extensive library is a sex nerds dream!

Price: $20/month; $79/6 months; $149/year (best value)

That’s all for now! So, tell me, what items do you have on your naughty list this year?

Until next time,

Fuck-well friends!

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