2019: Whole Lotta Shock & Raw

Happy New Year (22 days late!)!

I gotta tell you, it feels so great to be writing again. The last few weeks transitioning web hosts has been…well, not a treat. But none of that matters because the Quean has returned, and she’s come with some amazing updates.

I’ve confided in all of you about my desires and sexuality – some of my most intimate details – yet, there’s something I’ve been keeping to myself:

I want to meet you!

That’s right.

I want to meet you, speak about sex, uncover desires, watch you embrace your place on the spectrum of diverse sexuality, and learn…learn about what is missing in your community or household that could help create a more open, positive and accepting space for this part of your identity; I want to learn about the communities and lifestyles you are a part of; the fantasies and relationships you have! And guess what? I will! Through two grandiose projects I will be undertaking this year!

All I need is a little help from my friends.


If you haven’t already taken a gander at our Campaign: Sex In America, let me get you up to speed.

Master J and I will be launching an Indiegogo campaign on April 22 of this year. We are aiming to raise $35,000 USD in order to spend one year traveling throughout the US and Canada to discover and learn about all things sex!

With all the anti-sex events that took place in 2018 – changes in sex-ed curriculums (reversion), passing of laws restricting sex workers’ access to safe working conditions, to put it mildly (SESTA/FOSTA), and large online platforms banning sexual content (TUMBLR), to name but a few – I wanted to expand my reach in a traditional way: en-route and face-to-face!

This road trip will commence July 1st , 2019 from New York City, and will continue for 365 days with the following goals in mind:

1) Create sexuality meet ups in every city we visit. My plan is to be accompanied by local sex experts, and together we will conduct an open discussion regarding sexuality, and give the floor to all attendees to speak their truth and concerns. Topics and themes will vary!

2) Speak to minority groups and hidden alternative lifestyle communities to bring awareness to the intersectionality of sexuality, gender issues, and give voice to those who feel oppressed, unheard, or, quite frankly, in danger.

3) Attend relevant events, clubs and conferences on a variety of themes and topics.

4) Interview experts and thought leaders in this field on a variety of topics.

5) Interview sex workers, and other people within the sex industry (bloggers, vloggers, sex toy retailers/owners, sex club employees, etc.)

And of course, report everything back to you by way of blog and other upcoming projects (see below!). In addition, my goal is to collect my findings and publish a book in 2020. You can all take this grand adventure with me!

As I’m sure you can all imagine, this trip will require collaboration and a great deal of planning in order for it to be a success. If you are interested in becoming involved, please sign up for our campaign newsletter here, and receive updates on the project, perks for getting involved, and opportunities to influence our road trip – perhaps a one-on-two date with Master J and I?

We are also looking for incredible sponsors to assist in the financial end of this project.

We have a variety of sponsorship opportunities, and would be thrilled to share them with anyone who is interested. Please email me at callofthequean@gmail.com for more information!

This road trip will not only bring us closer to you, but also further aid in the eradication of stigmas attached to “unconventional” sexuality, and the long prevailing taboo that has surrounded this topic for millennia! We want to uncover the reality of sexual diversity, from A to Z!

To put it simply, this road trip would be a dream come true, and we cannot make it happen without you! Subscribe and follow my social media channels for updates (links at end of post)


If you are a Collar Club Member, you already know that as a preamble to the campaign launch I will be debuting my YouTube channel, Shock & Raw, and my Patreon page, Shock & Raw: Uncensored. Even better, I will be co-hosting Shock & Raw with the one and only, Essential Witch, my younger sister, Bronté.

Having grown up with the same parents, in the same environment, similar rules, attending the same schools, I remain fascinated by our varied sexual nature! Although deeply accepting of others, Bronté remains much more reserved in her personal outpouring of sexual information. Where as I…well, you know.

The premise of Shock & Raw is to reveal seemingly shocking alternative lifestyle content to Bronté (and my brave and wonderful audience), as well as other general sexual information, then go to town discussing what you’ve all been subjected to.

Bronté is never briefed before hand, therefore all reactions are genuine (and at times, quite hilarious). This is not a platform to mock alternative sexual lifestyles, in fact, my goal is to bring awareness to them, as well as confront the stigmas that surround them.

From there, if you haven’t gotten your fill, you can move on over to our Shock & Raw: Uncensored (S&R:U) Patreon page, whereby you can become a Patron and get access to two extended, uncut bonus episodes per month! There are many other perks to enjoy, such as Skype dates with us, voting on topics, calling into the show and having questions answered directly by us, dedications, and more!

Everything raised via Patreon will help us create better and higher quality content, and allow me to continue my sexual research! We encourage you to submit topics and questions (we will answer all of them during episodes of S&R:U)

Keep your eyes on our social media channels (links included below) for the premiere of S&R, S&R:U, or subscribe to COTQ to receive direct updates from me!

The Essential Witch
Instagram: @theessential_witch
TEW – Young Living

Quean Mo
Instagram/Facebook/Twitter: @callofthequaen
Email: callofthequean@gmail.com
Youtube (content coming soon): Shock & Raw
Patreon (content coming soon): Shock & Raw: Uncensored

So, tell me, what sex or relationship topics would you like to hear us discuss on the show?

Until next time,

Fuck-well, friends!

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