Trapeze: Atlanta, Georgia’s Best Kept Secret

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It should come as no surprise that our first adventure since moving to the land of peaches is the highest rated sex club in the Atlanta area. I imagined that finding fellow hedonists in a traditional Christian state would be quite the endeavor. Luckily, for me, James holds no bars when deep-diving the web, searching for the naughtiest hangouts. Truth is, it wasn’t that deep of a dive.

The name itself leaves you dreaming of seductive circus talent hanging from ceilings, luring you into their web. Even if the interior doesn’t quite live up to the name, the Trapeze definitely harbors some beautiful freaks.

First Impressions

Our first visit to the Trapeze in Atlanta, Georgia was on my favourite night of the year: Halloween. Costumes. Masks. Fantasy. Fluorescent Lights. Sex.

Dance Floor and Bar №1

Compared to other sex clubs we’ve visited, Trapeze is on the luxurious end. After entering through the main doors, you check-in with the lovely greeters in the quaint lobby. They are scantily clad, and ready to serve you. Once permitted, you cross the threshold into the booming ambiance of the club. To your right you’ll find a large L-shaped bar, surrounded by small tables and a buffet (the food, delicious!). In front of you, and circling to the left, you have sofas, a raised platform for the DJ and a lounge encasing one half of the dance floor.

Price and Regulations

Immediately, I felt the price was worth the party. The United States has very specific rules surrounding nudity in clubs. The sale of alcohol is prohibited in clubs that permit nudity. The way around this is to bring your own. The Trapeze was no exception to this rule, and the hospitable bartenders have an impeccable system, tracking who brought what, and happily pouring for their guests (mixers included).

Unlike sex clubs I’ve visited in Europe and Canada, entry to the Trapeze requires a prepaid membership. What that means is, on top of the $80 door-fee (discounts may apply on themed evenings), you pay a flat rate which covers two months of access to the club. For couples, the membership fee is $50; for single men, it’s $150; for single women, it’s $50 with a bonus month (3 months total). This, of course, is completely separate from the VIP pricing which during our visit (February 2020) was approximately $200 more at the door.

VIP Area

On our first evening, James and I took a tour of the entire club. Compared to the regular lounge, the VIP section has its own bartender, kitchen (served, not buffet), and elite ambiance.

If feeling like royalty is part of your thrill, then this area may be for you. The great thing about the VIP lounge is that it’s separate and hidden. So, when you’re in the common areas, you don’t have the impression you’re being watched by high society. However, the VIP lounge seemed to attract a more mature crowd.

I do love luxury, and hope to gain some VIP experience in the future. James and I have noticed our popularity among the older crowd. Perhaps on our next visit, a nice, sophisticated couple will invite us behind that red, satin curtain for an evening of champagne and other indulgences…

Sexual Touches

Play Area and Bar №2

If you cross the dancefloor and beyond, you will pass through a low-lit corridor, where you’ll find the bathroom and a manned locker room. Darkness draws you through a doorway and into the back of the Trapeze. As you give in to your curiosity, tv screens of humans making love will entice you further. A bar sits to your left, overseeing faux-leather booths lining the opposite wall. You won’t stop there. Naked bodies walk slowly towards and past you. A pool table adds levity to the dusky ambiance.

People play.

They play with each other’s humour, feelings, hearts, among other things. Men in towels and women draped in lace, silk, or nothing at all. Nudity or lingerie required. Into the depths of this place we found a room that puritanicals would describe as hell…

All that survives there is pleasure.

It still amazes me, after the few years I’ve been in and out of these paradises, just how in flow people can be when they’ve reached down to their depths and pulled out their animal. We mistake our animal for the anger we feel, or the negative emotions we come up against. The truth is, that isn’t our animal, that’s our human. Our human is the corrupt part of us, the filtered versions we are forced to let show up in the world due to societal pressures and conditioning. Our animal, however, is the purest form of what we are and in rooms like this, in clubs like the Trapeze, the jungle comes to life, and my friend, it’s fucken beautiful.

James and I did not play in the communal space, but chose a private room to celebrate this haunting evening. It was a dark, leathered haven, perfectly matching my dead French king, with his boned mask and deep-set, scorching eyes.

The Crowd

In most up-scale sex clubs, James and I tend to be the youngest of the crowd. However, on this Halloween night, we were happy to see a range of ages and bodies. From superheroes and African queens to nuns and nurses, the costumes were individualistic and diverse. People respectfully kept their distance on the dance floor, but eyes wandered. It was marvelous!

Final Remarks

Go. Just once. Find the night that speaks most to you — as guests and themes vary. It is a pressure-free environment. Some go to enjoy the party in a safe and open-minded space. Others are looking for something a little more primal. Either way, I promise if you go once, you will be back again, just like us.

Maybe we’ll see you there.

Until next time,

Fuck well, friends!

Quean Mo xx

P.S. They also have a location in Fort Lauderdale, FL! Check out this post for sex tourism etiquette, and prepping for a sex club! If you’re interested in attending sex clubs or adult events, but would like more guidance, sign up here for a free 15-minute consultation, and let’s see how I can help.

So, tell me, what are your thoughts about sex clubs? Have you ever been? Share your experience in the comments below or DM me here.

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