Interview at Toronto’s Hottest Sex Club, the Oasis Aqualounge

The Place Fantasies Come True

Image of Fatima sitting in a floral dress, holding the remote of the Sybian. The entire room is purple, save for the Oasis Aqualounge logo on the door behind her.
Photos courtesy of the Oasis Aqualounge

Looking back on a year of lockdowns and uncertainty, this article may come as no surprise. The moment Canada announced open borders for spouses and immediate family, James and I were on a flight headed to Toronto, the land of our favourite adult playground, the Oasis Aqualounge (OA). Although I alluded to this paradisiacal club in previous places, I have not fully expressed our love for it. With consent, pleasure, and inclusivity at its core, OA feels like a home away from home. If you’re seeking a welcoming, relaxing, judgement-free zone, this should be your first stop. The Oasis Aqualounge is best known for its:

  • Spa: Sauna, showers, jacuzzi, heated pool, and poolside patio
  • Play rooms: One for every desire
  • Cleanliness and focus on safe-sex
  • Live and online events
  • Inclusivity and body-positivity
  • Guidelines and rules to protect the wellbeing of its team and guests

Faces of Oasis: Meet Miss F

To better introduce this wonderful venue, I requested a sit-down with a special guest. 

Enveloped by the purple walls of the ballroom, a brunette in a white laced corset and stockings, emerged with an ear-to-ear grin. Her warm and professional personality makes her an approachable authority within this space. Since the start of her OA career in 2013, she has held multiple titles, not limited to Marketing Director and Event Producer. As a shareholder and part-owner of this beautifully restored 19th century mansion, she takes her role seriously.

Previously, she didn’t have time to be in the club, as she was too busy behind-the-scenes, crafting the best guest experiences. Since the start of the pandemic, she longed to mingle more and has since switched gears to take on a more in-person role. Now, alongside other hosts, her presence adds to the liberating ambiance. And although she still dabbles in many areas of the club’s productions and events, she took time to speak to Call of the Quean.

I give a warm and gracious welcome to OA’s very own Fatima!

Author note: Club information is subject to change. Check out the Oasis Aqualounge event and membership page for more details.

Novices and Newcomers

An aerial image of the Oasis Aqualounge pool.

Quean Mo: For those who are curious, but may be feeling shy, intimidated or don’t have a general understanding about the club, what would you recommend for them?

Fatima: Before you come to visit the Oasis Aqualounge, and you have questions about the venue, events and etiquette, I recommend you check out our website first.

Secondly, manage your expectations. It is possible, for example, that if you come as a couple, one person may enjoy the environment more than another; if you come solo, make sure you aren’t feeling entitled to a specific experience. Everything at the Oasis Aqualounge is at your comfort level, meaning you don’t have to do anything here. You can enjoy the pool, sauna, being nude, or wearing outfits you can’t necessarily wear in regular society. Take in the space however you want.  There is no expectation to play or be played with by others. You are entering a space that is liberated, that is focused on consent and pleasure, where you can explore your desires and fantasies, or connect intimately with your partner(s).

I do believe people have an idea of what a sex club is like. When I do a presentation about OA, I tell my audience to take a deep breath and exhale all those stereotypes. Oasis is different from other clubs, but also just…different.

Quean Mo: We’ve been to clubs around the world, and I have to say that I agree entirely with that statement. The Oasis Aqualounge is its own little paradise. I find it very hard to believe that your club will ever be topped for us.

Fatima: Cool, that’s awesome to hear. It’s important to just see where your experience here goes. You might be open to something you didn’t think you’d be into, or maybe you thought you were more voyeur, but you discover you’re more exhibitionist. You can really expand your mind just by taking in the environment.

Quean Mo: That is a wonderful point – this is an expansive place.

Cuckqueaning and Bukkake

Quean Mo: It’s interesting because at the start of my journey into the cuckquean fantasy and lifestyle, the term cuckold was much more prevalent. I think that says something about  the lack of knowledge or openness surrounding female sexuality. For example, with COTQ, I’ve had more cis-gender, het-males reach out to me about the cuckquean fantasy as a result of their wives or girlfriends being intrigued by it. They are like “give me all the information possible!”

Fatima: Wow, that’s great!

Quean Mo: It is and I’m happy I can be a resource for that, so I think knowing it’s more common than we believe, and that it shows up in places like OA, can help those people explore further and in places like this.

Fatima: It opens people’s minds as to what can be fun and sexy and hot, and not shameful. Also, people can develop their own rules.

Quean Mo: Absolutely, and I believe that is another strength of both Oasis Aqualounge and Call of the Quean. When I receive those inquiries, I remind them that the answers I  provide are based on my experience and the dynamic between my husband and I and our play partners. Reminding people that there is no set template to any of this is hugely important and liberating.

Fatima: People are always looking for a template, but you’re right, there really isn’t one.

Quean Mo: And sometimes they are super disappointed that I can’t hand that template over. The fantasy varies. One cuckquean may want to be in the room, while another doesn’t want to be present, but would rather hear about the experience after, for example. Some are also on the submissive side, and want to incorporate humiliation as a play, while others are more voyeuristic. This is what I love about human sexuality, everyone is so different.

Fatima: I just see so many different things all the time. I’m giving tours for new people all the time, and I love seeing people’s minds opening to what’s possible. The pandemic has really helped that as well, because once something is taken away and you don’t know when you’ll get it back, you’re like: I want it now, not wasting anymore time!

Quean Mo: Absolutely, you don’t want to take anything for granted anymore. Speaking of, do you mind sharing a memorable sex-positive experiences from the club?

Fatima: I can tell you about mine! I have a great story actually.

I had a bukkake fantasy for a while and I never really shared it with anyone. So, we started this event at the club called Bukkake Night in Canada. I wasn’t really a part of organizing it, but when my ex-partner and I decided to open our relationship, I was like “great, cool, I want to explore this fantasy.”

Bukkake describes a sexual activity where a group of men masturbate over a single woman and then ejaculate on top of her body.


For these events we usually have someone kicking off the party. This person explains that it’s okay, and anyone who is into this fantasy can participate. I decided to kick it off. We tried to make [the bukkake event] less of a power-dynamic with the men. We wanted to make this an awesome night for everyone.

My fantasy was of me touching myself as these guys surrounded me. Because I am theatrical, I was like “I gotta up-level this.” So, I was on the stage, I had toys and a carton of cream. I was playing with the toys and covering myself with cream and I was interacting with the crowd. This room was so packed, so packed!

I encouraged them to talk to me as I touched myself, and really engaged people. But I also had a soundtrack. I can’t remember all the songs I picked, but It’s Raining Men was definitely in there; Don’t Stop ‘til You Get Enough by Michael Jackson – stuff like that. After I warmed up the crowd and myself, I changed levels and moved off the stage.

Quean Mo: And the participants were a part of the crowd?

Fatima: Yep. Single men’s night. It was so fun!*

Quean Mo: This is exactly why I love this club and this type of environment! People just don’t share stuff like this in everyday life – the fantasy, let alone actually doing it.

Fatima: It felt very brave and fun. As soon as I exercised that fantasy, I didn’t feel the need to do it again. It was so exciting to build up to it, but I think if I were to do it again, it wouldn’t be as good, especially since I have such fond memories from that particular night.

The best part of it was later, as I was leaving the club, two women came up to me and were like, “that was so hot, I want to do this!” I was like YES! This is exactly why we do what we do. We want to encourage others to participate in these fantasies in the way they want to participate in them.

Quean Mo: Yes, I think an important thing you mentioned also is about the power dynamic in this type of fantasy. People can often be misguided into thinking there has to be a submissive, and it’s about relinquishing control and letting other people “use” you for their pleasure, when in fact, you can absolutely take pleasure and feel in control.

The fact that you are so open and comfortable in sharing that is a step in the right direction. Even if we are in a specific environment (a sex club), you are helping to make these conversations less taboo.

* Note: Single men’s night are designated events in which single men are permitted into the club. Not all events offer access to single men. Refer to OA’s event page for more information.

Online Events

Quean Mo: Since Covid, what has been the biggest change regarding OA and events?

Fatima: During the pandemic, when we had to close, we developed an online platform. We work with a company called Modern Lifestyle; I like to think of it as a giant online hub for lifestyle clubs. The Oasis Aqualounge has a spot on this platform, alongside clubs from the US and the UK. Essentially, we built an online community who loved the club or were interested in visiting the club, and wanted a sex and pleasure-positive, clothing-optional experience online.

We had Oasis events all week. On the weekends we would pair with the other clubs and do international events.

Quean Mo: That’s incredible you were able to open yourself to an international audience.

Fatima: Yes, we totally extended our reach. It became more accessible. We were consistent with our events, and at the beginning it was awesome! It is still great; however, we’ve noticed a decline since businesses have opened back up.

We built such a beautiful community, and some of our events were quite expressive!  Some were sexier, others were educational, and then we had free form play parties. The challenge was then, how do we navigate and develop concepts that worked with guests in physical spaces to an online space. That was a learning curve, because it can be difficult to have people interact with each other online. It was an interesting development, but it ended up being so much fun.

Since we’ve reopened, we’ve been developing hybrid events. For example, tonight we have an online event whereby the host is at her home, not on location, and I am in the club facilitating activities. Our nightly events are usually quite large, with decorations, but have since been condensed. So, in essence, our hybrid events include me livestreaming what is happening in the club on this secure platform, where online guests can speak to the host and see what is happening in the club.

Quean Mo: There is definitely a learning curve, but it’s great you have been able to work through that. I know some people are still hesitant to come out, so the fact that they have this option, as well as expanding your viewership to an international level, is impressive and inclusive. I imagine in the long run this adaptation will be a positive thing for the club.

Fatima: It definitely has been. Another thing about the platform is it’s not exclusively for online events, it’s also an all-in-one dating site.

There’s also membership and a check-in system so you can see what members are attending what events, and who will be at the club. People can also communicate with one another, meet each other and plan play dates outside of Oasis. There are a lot of capabilities on the site aside from our online events, which I see as an expansion.

Quean Mo: That was my thinking as well. I’m really happy for you and the club. It’s important for people to know they can connect with one another, despite the challenges of this pandemic. What would you say are the most popular days?

Fatima: The club is closed on Tuesdays, so our online events get a great crowd. Friday online events have slowed down as things are opening, and as a response to that we have scaled back from the hybrid model to live broadcasting. As far as online events, Tuesday nights are popular. Even Saturdays because it’s an international day off, so you can get online and hangout with people.

The upstairs cocktail bar of the Oasis Aqualounge. The lights are dimmed, but the red and purple furniture give the room warmth.

A huge thanks to Fatima and the Oasis Aqualounge. Information in this article is subject to change, so to best prepare for your visit, check out the links below and feel free to book a tour. We recommend that you book tickets ahead of time, as there is limited capacity. 

Connect with the Oasis Aqualounge

Chat with the Quean

If you’re interested in attending sex clubs or adult events, but would like more guidance, sign up here for a free 15-minute consultation, and let’s see how I can help.

Until next time,

Fuck well, friends!

Quean Mo xx

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