Fantasy Club: Prague’s Most Luxurious (and sexy) Lounge

Photo from Swinger Fantasy Club Gallery

After two vacationless years, James and I planned an exploratory couple’s trip to Prague – the second sexiest European city (after Amsterdam, of course). Always uncertain and curious about the lifestyle in other countries, we were eager to visit the city’s most luxurious adult space, the Fantasy Club!

First Impressions

Entering the club, we were stopped in its mudroom by the charming door man. Confirming that we made a reservation, he proceeded to take our phones, and lock them in a small storage unit. We were then handed a moist, cleaning wipe, and asked politely to wipe down the bottom of our shoes. The doorman thanked us kindly, gave us a numbered key for the changeroom in which we’d soon drop our things, and opened the second door which led us to the top of a black, carpeted staircase.

Bar, Lounge, Buffet

As we descended into the singing fluorescence of the main room, many eyes were on us. This evening was black attire only, which breathed class into the atmosphere. At the bottom of the staircase, we had the choice to go left – towards the bar and changerooms – or straight ahead, into the darkened lounge area, low-lit by tea-lights.

Eager to get settled, we headed for the changerooms, passing an impressive spread of hors d’oeuvre. James, already dressed for the occasion, removed his coat, and patiently waited as I exchanged my black dress for similarly coloured lingerie and a lacy, open-front robe.

After taking our “welcome beverage”– a glass of sparkling wine, offered to us by the smiling bartender back at the bar – we took a seat amongst other clientele, next to a small, platformed stage, where a woman was removing articles of clothing for the crowd. The bartender asked if we were there to play with each other or others. Because James and I prefer getting to know someone before sexually engaging, we told her with each other. To this, she smiled and handed us blue wristbands (as opposed to red) – a code indicating our boundaries to the other guests. Once fastened to our wrists, the bartender opened a tab that was associated with the number on our key. No payment was required until the end of the evening.

The entire main room – consisting of the stage, the bar and lounge – could be described as an upscale, intimate salon. Cocktail tables were assembled in the forepart of the lounge, concealing cozy guests on deep set couches lining the back wall. The bar was proportionately surrounded by swivel bar seats, and one cozy L-shaped bench and table.


A neighbouring sitting area – separated from the lounge only by a uniquely shaped pillar – was occupied by a group of twelve adults, who were very clearly regulars, there to have a good time ensemble. It was unclear if this was an extension of the VIP section, that sat atop a staircase ascending from the stage to the right.

The amalgamation of the unified black attire, the calm vibes of the guests, and the smiling face of the dancer, left me feeling immediately reposed.


Entry pricing varies depending on the evening and event. Below is copied from the Fantasy Club website. For the small print, check out their pricing page.

Regarding drinks and beverages, I have yet to see a more affordable menu – Prague, generally has inexpensive cocktails and beer – oh the beer! Additionally, entrance to Fantasy includes a welcome drink (as mentioned), and a buffet of fresh European-style apero toast, fresh vegetables, fruit, and dessert. This is available for the duration of the evening (and early morning hours).

Rules and Dress Code

As all adult spaces should, Fantasy Club prioritizes consent and respect for people’s space– hence the wristband system. In fact, this system alleviated any discomfort I feel when speaking to others in these spaces, as I fear giving any impressions.

The dress code depends on the theme of the evening, which can be found on the club’s event calendar.

Sexual Touches

Seated at the bar, I found myself raising in temperature. That isn’t an innuendo – the club felt hot, which I found surprising considering I was half-naked. Taking a quick scan of my surroundings, I noticed naked bodies floating in a jacuzzi behind the bar. Guests in the jacuzzi had a direct view of the stage, and “swim-up” access to the bar. For such a quaint space, the jacuzzi felt unnecessary, especially since it generated additional heat to an already warm space.

Play Areas

The play areas were located behind the stage, separated by a wall, and accessed only through the VIP section to the right, or a doorway just before the buffet to the left. The largest play room included a raised cushioned mattress that was the length of the room itself.

Dimmed, the play area was tranquil, buzzing only with the sounds of connecting bodies. Unlike Les Chandelles, for example, Fantasy’s play area was extensive, generating enough space between others to feel comfortable as a couple playing alone.

The only private room of Fantasy Club was disappointingly occupied the entire evening, and I found the neutral aesthetic, although hygienic, not especially inspiring. I prefer environments with a greater creative touch or theme, such as Moon City’s cave-like appearance, and tribal décor.

The Crowd

Photo from Swinger Fantasy Club Gallery

Every encounter we had with a Fantasy Club team member or guest was pleasant. We chose a night permitting entry to couples and women only, as this is the atmosphere we feel the most comfortable in. We found the crowd respectful of each other’s space both in and outside of the play areas, which was soothing.

The Team

As mentioned, the brief encounters we had with the team members were pleasant. If you do not speak Czec (like us!), don’t feel discouraged, as there will be at least one Fantasy Club team member who can communicate enough English for you to get by. I found the bartenders approachable and accommodating.

The Clientele

The evening we visited the Fantasy Club, the clientele was evenly split between the ages of 30-40 and 40-50. This was surprising, as our experience tends to put James and I in the younger category of club clientele.

Although the wristband system kept people at a distance, we were still watched by passers-by. I understood quickly that the wristband stated, “do not ask to join,” but the participation in the communal play areas permitted the gazing eyes of others. Club cultures vary, so if you’re not interested in being on display, especially with the limited private space, Fantasy Club may not be the right choice for you.

Final Remarks

When asking James about the club, he said, and I quote, “it was amazing, and I’d go back any time.” I must say, we do plan on revisiting this sensual salon. I especially recommend it to beginners, or anyone seeking a luxurious experience at a reasonable price.

So, the next time you find yourself wandering Prague, craving class and persuasion, Fantasy Club is the place for you – just be sure to dress light, otherwise you may melt from the sights (and the heat of the jacuzzi!).

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Fuck well, friends!

Quean Mo xx

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