Happy New Year: Here’s Your 2022 Sex-Positive Calendar

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When James and I moved to the US in 2019, we had high hopes for new, decadent adventures. Having finally gotten settled in Atlanta, Georgia, we began to conduct our research! We found adult venues, sex shops, in-person meetups and more…

But, as you know, shortly into our planning, the pandemic swept the globe, rendering our bucket list unactionable. Fortunately, we had the chance to experience one of Georgia’s gems –  The Trapeze. The magic of this evening carried us into the New Year and beyond. But, like any experience, eventually it fixed itself into the back of our memory, restoring our cravings for more.

Since the beginning of 2020, James and I spoke and fantasized together, and now that we’ve reached the beginning of another year, we have decided to take celebrations into our own hands. I have pulled together a 2022 sex-positive calendar based on real (inter)nationally celebrated days of the year. If you’re looking for unique practices to liberate yourself sexually and find pleasure in 2022, mark your calendars!

Also, keep your eyes peeled as we take to Twitter for some virtual parties in honour of these sex-positive days!

January 21st – Fetish Day

It’s time to celebrate the kinkiest among us! Whether you are a part of the BDSM community or not, let this UK-originated celebration inspire you to take a sex-positive stance! Some activities you can consider in honour of this day:

  • In celebration of Perverts Wear Purple, wear a purple outfit, signifying your membership of the community or showing your support!
  • Have a fetish-wear online event with friends!
  • Binge some fetishy media, such as the Netflix series, Bonding. Invite your friends through the watch party feature on Facebook and have some kink-positive discussions! For more ideas, check out this list: Most Popular Movies and TV Shows Tagged with Keyword “BDSM”.

Alas, join me and my dear guest, Button D Brian, on January 28th for our #FetGala2022 Twitter Party!

February 4th – Work Naked Day

Since many of us are now working from home, this is a wonderful way to celebrate that flexibility and reconnect with your body! Work Naked Day was created by Lisa Kanarek in 2010 after she left a corporate job to start her own business entitled, Working Naked.

If working naked isn’t an option because you have family members or roommates in the vicinity, consider switching your wardrobe to a sassier, sexier, bolder look! Select something that represents you more than your staple business attire, or the pajamas you’ve been donning for the last few days. At the very least, use this day to refresh yourself! Change up your workstation. Play some music. Light candles. Remind yourself that you can have fun while working!

March 4th – International Sex Workers Rights Day

As stated by Global Network of Sex Work Projects (NSWP):

“Sex work is work. This simple yet powerful statement frames sex workers not as criminals, victims, vectors of disease, or sinners but as workers… The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) states that ‘[e]veryone has the right to work, to free choice of employment, to just and favourable conditions of work and to protection against unemployment.”

By supporting sex work, you are supporting people’s right to work, people’s right to their own body, free choice of employment and more. The NSWP explains that “the International Labour Organization (ILO) estimates that sex workers support between five and eight other people with their earnings. Sex workers also contribute to the economy…”

On this day, educate yourself on sex work:

March 8th – International Women’s Day

Whether you identify as or have a special woman in your life, plan something to show your appreciation! This day is a celebration of the progress made by woman in history. It is also a tribute to gender equality. Here are some fun ways to celebrate March 8th:

  • Join an online event in honour of this day – check out IWD: IWD 2022 for events and info on this year’s theme: #BreakTheBias!
  • Host your own virtual event and share it on your social media platforms
  • Invite your closest gal pals to an event in their honour. Come up with a theme, questions, and even games to be played together!
  • Fundraise or donate to a charity or organization that is woman-focussed
  • Binge watch some feminist media! Invite your friends through the watch party feature on Facebook and have some feminist discussions! For some ideas, check out these lists:

20 Best Movies That Celebrate Black Women To Watch In 2022

12 Inspiring Movies To Watch On International Women’s Day 2021 | Tatler Asia

April 16th – National Horny Day

Because…why not?

Accessing your sexual self and enjoying it, is a wonderful way to pass the time! Sexual health is a critical pillar to overall wellbeing, which includes pleasure! Whatever that means or looks like for you. A few great ways to celebrate this day:

  • Purchase one of these sex-positive items and treat yourself to its features!
  • Have a platonic sex-positive party with friends!
  • Plan an ethical porn date with yourself and/or your partner!
  • Start an erotica book club with your closest pals!
  • Download the free Gottman Card Deck and have some fun with friends or partners in asking and answering questions!

May – Masturbation Month

Yes, you get a whole month dedicated to self-pleasure!

The first National Masturbation Day was May 14, 1995. It was coined such by sex-positive retailer, Good Vibrations after Surgeon General Joycelyn Elders was fired by President Bill Clinton. The reason for her dismissal? She suggested masturbation be part of students’ sex-ed curriculum! In honour of her, Masturbation Day was appointed, and has since been expanded to include the entire month of May.

Masturbation has a range of benefits, but like anything else, it may need some planning. Schedule some time for this practice, be intentional, and enjoy!

June 14th – Nudity Day

Another day to spend in the buff!

If you can’t block off the whole day to celebrate in your birthday suit, then put aside at least thirty minutes. If being in the buff is too much, treat yourself to an outfit or some lingerie. Lounge or dance around like the Quean you are!

July 6th – National Kissing Day

Whether you are single or not, kissing is a wonderful form of intimacy – be it on the lips, the hands, the cheek. It is a sign of love, affection, and comfort. If kissing isn’t an option, take the time to tell someone what they mean to you!

Also, for some fun facts and favorited movie moments, check out: Kissing Roundup: Celebrating the International Day of Smooching

August 8th – International Day of the Female Orgasm

To remind womxn that their pleasure matters too, I suggest you take the day to pamper yourself or your female partner! For some interesting information on female pleasure, check out Normalizing Sex with Female Pleasure!

August 13th – International Swingers Day

Dedicated to the “lifestyle,” International Swingers Day celebrates ethical non-monogamists, specifically those who take pleasure in switching partners with others! How could a non-swinger possibly celebrate this day? Awareness is the first step. Understanding that there are many forms of love and relationships structures that are unlike our own only serves the world.

Curious about the art of swinging? Shoot me a message here!

September 4th – World Sexual Health Day

Sexuality is a massive topic. It is something we all experience differently, and yet it directly impacts our wellbeing. From relationships to safe sex practices, to body image, orientation and identity, sexual health encompasses many things. Spend this day exploring your own sexual health by:

  • Appreciating your body
  • Reviewing your safe sex practices, and identify areas you may improve or be a better advocate for yourself
  • Identifying your sexual preferences and pleasure
  • Measuring your self-esteem and self-worth, and identify areas that require work
  • Recognizing and practice gratitude for the healthy relationships in your life
  • Considering your values surrounding sex and any judgments you may place on others for having differing views or desires
  • Reflecting on your ability to communicate your needs in this area

Need answers? Check out some official resources, such as WHO, The Pleasure Project, Healthy Sexuality, Center for Positive Sexuality

October 31st – Halloween

Before you say, “this isn’t a sex-positive day,” let me say…

This day is by far the biggest, most accepted role-playing event of the year! Of course, it is not inherently sexual; however, with a little imagination, you can see how sex-positive Halloween may be.

For example, it tends to be the only day of the year you can get away with dressing half-naked without being questioned. It is the only day of the year you can show up in assless chaps or a head-to-toe leather outfit, without anyone batting an eye. It could be a sexually-liberated person’s dream!

Have something that turns you on? Ask your partner to dress the part.

Have an alter ego you want to unleash? Set them free!

Have a mask fetish or role-play fantasy? Find a consenting partner and fulfill it!

For more inspiration, check out: Top 3 Costumes for a Kinky Halloween At Home!

November 11th – Single’s Day

I learned a lot this year about singledom and how beneficial it can be. Don’t underestimate the power of your singlehood or that of your friends and family. There is a growing number of consciously uncoupled people, and they may just be winning at life: Singles Day: 3 Reasons to Celebrate Those Who Go Solo. Celebrate them by showing support for their singledom or throw a virtual single’s party like we did!

November 23rd – Polyamory Day

Polyamory is a relationship structure that is becoming more mainstream. There are groups and events supporting this lifestyle. Today, learn and appreciate the flexibility we have as a culture to pursue and maintain the relationships we individually desire! Spend time learning about this lifestyle and reflect on your own needs and relationships.

Check out: Happy Polyamory Day: Celebrating the (not-so) New Wave of Love

December 22nd – Global Orgasm Day

What better way to close the year than have a global wave of orgasmic pleasure?

Watch out for online events, and have your toys ready…

International Awareness for Every Calendar

Lastly, no calendar is complete without these annual observances:

  • February: Black History Month
  • March: Women’s History Month
  • April: Sexual Assault Awareness Month
  • May: Mental Health Month
  • June: Pride Month
  • September: Sexual Health Awareness Month
  • December: AIDS Awareness Month | Universal Human Rights Month

Happy New Year

Let’s make 2022 a little more pleasurable by adding some of these sex-positive celebrations onto your calendar!

Interested in COTQ throwing a Twitter Party on your behalf or in celebration of a specific sex-positive day? Shoot me a message here!

Until next time,

Fuck well, friends!

Quean Mo xx

P.S. Which days speak the most to you? How will you celebrate this year?

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