Queans of Pop Culture: Zoe Roe, The Baddest Bitch of All

The word quean means imprudent or badly behaved woman, a whore. After discovering my (cuck)quean-ness, I fell in love with this word for one simple reason: it helped me belong to myself. Words that were once used to diminish women are finding their way back, only in a different way…

I am proud of my quean status. Adopting this word gave me my power and allowed me to redefine what a badly behaved woman looks like on my terms.

We are seeing this all over the place!

Women are learning to destroy misogyny by using its weapons against it. And language is a weapon. For example, being slut- or cunt-positive is a very real attitude amongst my friends and I. Dressing thotty is an exciting pastime, and being a bitch means standing your ground.

There are many queans in pop culture that deserve recognition, and today I want to speak about the baddest one.

I’ve been following this person for some time now and have been humbled by friends reaching out saying she reminds them of me (we both suck at texting, and came out of the womb looking like the grinch baby). Famous for her laughter, high kicks, and yeaaah! (#IYKYK), she is a TikTok Legend, and one of the top influencers on the net.

If you don’t know Zoe Roe, let me get you acquainted.

Calling It Out

If you scroll to the very beginning of Zoe Roe’s Instagram feed, you’ll find a post that says:

If you vote for Trump today, make sure you explain to your lgbtq+, female, black, latino/a, and Muslim friends why they don’t matter.

Zoe Roe doesn’t mind calling out the bullshit when she sees it. Even now, she remains unabashed about her political views, and gives no space for intolerance. For example, as an openly bisexual woman, she’s made it clear that if you are not an ally of the LGBTQ+ community, you’re dead to her (blocked, deleted, outta there).

It should go without saying why this is admirable behaviour. In 2022, she is still confronted by homophobic attitudes, and yet she meets those voices with grace, vivacity, and strategic irony.

What a quean!

Body Image and Self-Acceptance

Zoe Roe looks comfortable in her own body, with her erotic self, and even creates humour around these things:

<3 Samantha’s “get fucked” videos

<3 High kicks in swimsuits and heels

<3 Comparing her boobs to shot glasses

Her self-love is contagious and can be adopted through hilarious, although inspirational, affirmations:

I am not to be fucked with, I am to be fucked!

I’m attracted to me!

As someone who also struggled with food and body, it is refreshing to see a woman move freely in her skin, and not take her femininity too seriously. Being seen can be strange and scary, and yet she shows up with slapstick sincerity. Her self-esteem is unwavering, and yet laced with a self-mockery that only a self-aware person could hone.

As someone who once described themselves as “beautiful and bat shit crazy,” Zoe Roe is a modern-day self-esteem icon!

Mental Health Advocate

Although it’s difficult to find a lot of personal information on Zoe Roe – she only let’s us see what she wants #boundaries – she is very open about her struggle with depression, anxiety, and her relationship with food. This is displayed in videos of her:

<3 Doing her famous splits with a bottle of medication

<3 Turning tears into confidence

This woman gives no fucks about stigma, and permits others to accept their mental illness.

Baddest Bitch Even on Bad Days

One of Zoe Roe’s greatest charms is that she is sexy, cute, and comical! She is witty, fierce and leaves you wanting more. Her sexy-comedic vibes bring levity to topics of wellbeing and self-concept. It’s hard not to love her when she:

<3 Shakes her “juicy” ass

<3 Reminds us (herself included) that we are bad bitches, even on bad days

<3 Teases us in hotel hallways about the burden of luxury items!

To pay tribute to this wonderful human, here are some of her most motivational quotes (with links). Let’s all learn to embrace our inner Zoe Roe today:

<3 It’s their loss

<3 Never give up on you

<3 Slay your day

<3 Don’t wait to tell people how you feel

<3 Be a Bad Bitch

<3 Together we can save each other

Until next time, friends:

“In a world full of bitches, be a bad one!”

Quean Mo xx

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P.S. So, tell me, who is your favourite bad bitch quean? Comment below or contact me here!

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