QLQ: The Most Degrading Thing?

Read background with black letters, reading: What's the most degrading thing James made you do in front of another woman, and how did that make you feel? #QLQ

As promised, my dear readers, I am introducing Quean Life Queries (QLQ) – a short-form response to your most burning questions. Published every Wednesday from here on (or at least, until your queries run out!).  As you can see, this is gonna get personal…




Like most people and their fantasies, my cuckness is very specific.

Although I play more a submissive role in my sexual relationship with James, that doesn’t necessarily carry over into our cuckquean dynamic. 

At the beginning, it was more present, but as I started exploring and listening to my desires, I realised that I am simply a voyeur in these scenarios – that is my preferred role.

But, for the sake of your question, I would say being tied up to a chair while watching James fuck someone could be considered the most “degrading” experience I’ve had. 

I put quotations around the word because, the truth is, I felt very much empowered during that moment. 

Humiliation is not a part of my cuckquean fantasy. If BDSM plays a role in our cuckquean dynamic, James and I are on the same level in the hierarchy. The difference is, I am an untouchable force in the room.

Because this dynamic continues to develop, I am learning more about my needs and presence in these scenarios. For me, degradation is out of the question. I know there are many cuckqueans whose pleasure relies partially, if not solely, on humiliation/degradation, but I am not one of them.

Thanks for your QLQ!

Until next time, you know what to do.


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3 thoughts on “QLQ: The Most Degrading Thing?

  1. My greatest humiliation was when my wife and her lover fucked in front of me and then both peed on my body and head.
    But I am also a very submissive person and immediately converted the humiliation into sexual stimulation.

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