QLQ: How Many Women?

Black writing on a pink background, that reads: How Many Women Have You Watch James With At Once? #QLQ

The answer to this question is: 1. 


I spoke to James to get his thoughts on this query – as they tend to spark some interesting conversations between us – and he made some great points. 

First off, James and I have had multiple experiences with single women – some of which I discuss in this article.

Secondly, my ultimate cuckquean fantasy is a reverse gang-bang, in which my level of participation is voyeur – and only voyeur. James recognizes that, especially based on our lifestyle and his needs, this isn’t the most “practical” fantasy… 

What he means by this is:

<3 He is a Dominant, and would be seeking submissive women

<3 James would need a connection with these women – time to understand their needs and limits

<3 These women would have to like the idea of BDSM and a reverse gang-bang

<3 Participants would need to be okay with a perv watching them from the corner (*cough* me *cough*)

We have met wonderful women over the years – women who are now good friends. Some of which would be into this kind of fantasy; however, this final difficulty presents itself:

<3 These women would have to be in the same place, at the same time. And, considering they are all from different countries, it seems this is unlikely to happen.

So, to go back to the original question – I have seen James with one woman at a time. 

But here’s to hoping…

Thanks for your QLQ,


P.S. If you are a submissive woman, that enjoys reverse gang-bangs, and likes French accents – DM me here.

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