QLQ: Would you ever consider making an Only Fans?

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I hesitated to include this inquiry; however, it’s one I’ve received several times on various platforms, and decided it needed an answer – with finality. It is a fair question, with a very simple answer…


I would not consider making an Only Fans. Although I support others who do, Only Fans is not a part of my journey. 

My medium is writing and although I have been told that people would “pay for” my beauty, I do not feel that I owe the world to any degree. It has been a process wrapping my brain around this, especially since I’ve been told (from a very young age) that I should show off my body because it is beautiful.

For me, that thinking does three dangerous things:

  1. It commodifies my female body without my consent.
  2. It says that my body holds more value than other bodies.
  3. It says that because my body is “beautiful,” it doesn’t just belong to me; the world has some kind of right to it.

I believe everyone has a right to ask questions, and I thank this person for doing so in a tasteful way. But this is my rightful response:

I am only a fan of Only Fans. 

Thanks for your QLQ,


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P.S.S. I want to share this article because it is relevant to my feelings on this topic.

2 thoughts on “QLQ: Would you ever consider making an Only Fans?

  1. Dear Quean, you are very honored.
    I don’t like it when so many people want to educate the world about important things like their sexuality, but then make a paid account to show their breasts.
    One devalues the other.

    1. Thank you for your comment, Christian. I think that everyone has their own path and it isn’t for me to judge. Of course, this is a complex conversation, as per my response and the article I linked to. The problem is not women’s sexuality or their breasts, it is the culture that controls and devalues such things. I recommend the linked article for context.

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