My Journey Through June: Period, Pain, and Pills

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Hi Friends –

I have been receiving loving messages from readers asking where I’ve disappeared to. I’ve been on a roll of consistent posting for the last few months, until my recent MIA status. Because this community means a lot to me, and I believe in being open about life stuff, here’s what’s been going on…

On June 8th I published an article on Medium entitled, I Can’t Work During the First Few Days of My Period — Is Endometriosis the Culprit? It was a foreshadowing of sorts.

In short, I sat down with a gynecologist who was receptive to my story. He quickly confirmed my long-standing belief that I may have endometriosis. I immediately started progesterone pills to mitigate my severe monthly period pain, and I was booked in for an MRI (which is coming up in August).

Let’s just say it hasn’t been going well…

Although the progesterone pills have helped make the pain somewhat more bearable (by this I mean I function alright with prescribed painkillers), it has stretched it out over more days. I have also been bleeding for 21 days straight (also known as break-through bleeding).

But that isn’t even the disconcerting part…

What the pill has done for my pain has cost me in mental health.

Shortly after the publication of my Medium article, I started experiencing recurring and deeply troubling thoughts and mood swings. It has led me to the point of self-isolation – even from James – whereby I’ve spent hours laying on my bed, crying and hoping for an end. I have been neglecting work, this blog, and find any type of social interaction unbearable! I feel immense rage and anxiety, I’ve lost all interest in sex and have been hoodwinked by my emotions on numerous occasions.

When I spoke to another doctor to get a second opinion on the medication, she told me it would take 3 months for my body to adjust.

It has been exactly 1 month, and I’ve made the decision to go off it.

Even if I wish I didn’t have to choose between the two, when it comes down to the constant state of my mental health or insufferable pain for a week, there’s no question.

Yesterday was my last day on the progesterone pill. It may take time for me to regain equilibrium. I don’t look forward to the pain that’s coming for me, but at a minimum, I’m confident that I’ll be living well between those moments once again.

As I said, I have an MRI in August, so I’ll know more then.

For those who have reached out: I appreciate your concern for my whereabouts, and if I can ask for just a little more patience as I come through this dark tunnel, I promise more wonderful content and adventures are on their way.

Until then,

I’m grateful for you all!

Take care of yourselves.

Quean Mo xx

P.S. Do you have a particular story about periods, pain, endometriosis, or birth control? Please share it here!

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  1. I was wondering why it has become so quiet around the Quean.
    I hope you feel better soon.
    I think of you and your wonderful stories and experiences.
    Please feel hugged from me.
    All the best, Christian.

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