QLQ: Where Can I Find Other Queans Like Me?

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It’s been a couple weeks since my last post, updating you on the medical stuff I’ve been dealing with.  I have to thank you all again for your patience during this time – it has been an adjustment, but I am feeling much better!

To make a comeback, I thought I’d pull up my kinky boots and do what I do best: help a fellow cuckquean.

Here is her original submission:

“Help!!! New to this cuckquean lifestyle and I’m all over the place with my emotions. I just want to meet someone like myself and have some super deep conversations. So many questions and thoughts in my head, I don’t even know where to begin. Thanks!”

Quean to Quean

Friend, you have come to the right place! 

I understand how isolating it can feel to have such a specific desire and nowhere to turn. I discovered this part of myself whilst on a trip in Portugal with my wonderful husband, James. If I can applaud you for one thing, it’s recognizing your desire and being proactive in meeting like-minded individuals and pursuing pleasure.

If you’ve been around for a while, you know that Call of the Quean was born from my cuckquean fantasy. I have opened up about it on different platforms, and even launched a coaching career as a result. 

In a short period of time, I’ve learned that by telling our truth, we give people the space and courage to tell their own. 

“Courage calls to courage everywhere.”

– Milicent Fawcett

Because you are struggling with emotions and are seeking conversations in this area, below you will find some wonderful resources (some by yours truly) to help navigate this fantasy. But first…

I am commencing the Quean’s Social Hour, where you can virtually meet and speak with fellow cuckqueans! It is a new, complimentary, monthly social hour between Queans. So, sign up now!

As for the following resources, I hope these bring you some balance and reassurance. Even so, I welcome you to reach out directly at callofthequean@gmail.com so we can have a proper conversation about your journey forward, find you additional support and community.

Resources for Queans

Meet People Online

FetLife (NSFW)

Please note that this site is not safe for work, as it has pornographic content. If you have sensitivities to porn and sexually graphic images, I do not recommend this site.

Think Facebook, but with a kinky twist! Search kinks, local events, and skim profiles to connect with compatible friends and potential partners. 

3Somer – #1 Threesome Dating App For Couples & Singles

3Somer is a threesome dating and relationships app, made for singles, couples, and swingers.


“Open minded meet like-minded.” A dating site for people who live a little outside the box. If monogamy isn’t your forte, this is an app for you!


“Connect and explore with ethically non-monogamous people and their partners.”

Helpful Articles

These are quick links to articles I’ve written about my own experiences, as well as tangible steps on creating the best path forward for you

<3 From No Orgasms to an Open Marriage: My Becoming Story 

<3 What is a Cuckquean: Myth or Reality?

<3 How do I fulfil my cuckquean fantasy?

<3 How can I eliminate jealousy in my cuckquean relationship?

<3 How An Open Marriage Can Save Your Relationship

<3 Confessions of a Cuckquean: Not Just Rainbows and Unicorns

Fantasy Talks

Sometimes putting a face to the name can help us connect better with each other. So checkout these two podcast appearances where I open up about my relationship and lifestyle.

<3 Consenting Adults – EP 085 Sleep With My Husband: A Cuckquean’s story.

<3 Rebel Love Podcast – EP11: Becoming a BDSM Bisexual Cuckquean


Until we speak again, enjoy the journey and know you have a whole community cheering you on!

Thanks for your QLQ,


P.S. Don’t forget to submit your own Quean Life Query, and have your question anonymously posted and answered by yours truly!
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