5 Scenarios for the Voyeuristic Cuckquean

Three people sit very close to one another. The two women hold drinks and laugh, as the man sits, engaged.
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Sitting on a beige, mid-century sofa in our friend’s apartment, James looked at me and asked:

“Have you given any more thought to what you want to do while we’re here?”

Paris has a special place in my heart, for it was my first taste of France – the homeland of my favourite person.

Because James lived here for two years prior to our relationship, I feel like I have a personal tour guide. He knows the best bars, restaurants, clubs, and all the places to avoid (i.e., big restaurants at the main intersections of large, Parisian avenues #touristtrap).

All I have to do is say the word, and my Parisian dreams will come true (within a financial limit, of course). The problem is…

I don’t know what I want.

Sure, the Eiffel Tower, Luxembourg Garden, Le Louvre – all the typical stuff…

But he wants to know what I wannnnntttt, vis a vis, desire.

*releases lonnngggg sigh*

To deflect, I asked him what he wanted, to which he laughed, “I wrote a whole list for you!” 

I had completely forgotten that I’d asked him to write down his top Hot Husband fantasies. Luckily he wasn’t too upset – this is a part of my personality he’s learned to accept (I forget things).

So, feeling sexy and inspired by the Parisian atmosphere, I took his list and finally did my promised review…

And oh boy, did that lead to some interesting findings…

Customize Your Fantasy

James had written a list of nine scenarios, each including another woman – a submissive woman, to be exact (for newcomers: James is a Dom). From online play, sexual to-do lists, and escorting a partner around the city, I caught sight of James’ endless sexual imagination.

Inspired by this, I took five of those nine ideas and turned them into a fun list of scenarios for my fellow voyeuristic cuckqueans.

These five scenarios are stripped versions of James’ originals. I did this so couples could customize them to their own sexual preferences (i.e., BDSM), should they so desire.

“But what of your desires, Quean Mo?”

I thought I dodged that one…

Let’s leave it at this:

Should James and I pursue any of these while à Paris, you will, of course, be the first to know. We are, however, speaking to a woman from Canada to whom we are both very attracted. In October, we will be taking her for a date (wish us luck!). In the meantime, if the capital of France presents a compatible and interested play partner, I believe I’m at the stage of consenting to James having fun on his own.

We shall see…

But, until then, enjoy these five scenarios created for voyeuristic cuckqueans – I see you and love you all!

Note: All parties should be completely informed of each other’s role in these scenarios and be enthusiastically consenting at every stage of the interaction. Yes, this includes virtual experiences and sharing videos/photos!


1. The Photographer

Set up a day where you, your Hot Husband and play partner have a couple of hours to spare.

Download Snapchat or WhatsApp and ask your Hot Husband (HH) to dictate a dirty text.

Your role as the cuckquean in this scenario will be to facilitate your HH’s intimate online encounter. This means:

<3 Read the texts aloud

<3 Receive and present his play partner’s photos to him

<3 Respond on behalf of your Hot Husband, as he dictates dirty replies

<3 Snap videos and photos of your man and send them to his play partner

This will free up your HH’s hands to explore his own body uninterrupted, giving you one positively, sensual show.


2. The BJ Performance

Next time your Hot Husband is away with his partner, ask them to surprise you at some point in the day with a live show of her performing oral sex on him (or vice versa, depending on your fantasy).

Imagine a private, live porn for your eyes only, starring your man!

My suggestion: set some parameters about timing. You want to ensure you’re in an appropriate location to receive the call…

How sad it would be to miss it!


3. Waiting for Dessert

Plan a dinner date with your Hot Husband and his play partner. For the entire night, you are the third wheel!

Enjoy the front-row seat to your Hot Husband’s dating life, as he flirts and kisses another woman.

Maybe there will be touching under the table, or a quick and steamy trip to the bathroom…

Will you be invited?

Or will you be left behind with your fantastical thoughts?


4. At Your Service

For 24-hours, commit to being an elegant server for your Hot Husband and his play partner.

This could take place at your home, the play partner’s home, or a hotel. Regardless, be sure to dress the part.

Your only interaction with the faux couple is if you’ve been beckoned to serve…

Will they ask for a hot tea on the couch?

A glass of wine next to the fireplace?

Or perhaps something a little less tasteful…


5. The Escort

Ms. Quean, you are the escort tonight! It is up to you to plan the evening for your HH and their date.

Schedule a full evening for the three of you, surprising them at each turn…

My recommendation? Have three places in mind:

1.       Somewhere sexy to set the mood, such as a lounge bar.

2.      Somewhere dark and spicy to increase the tension between your Hot Husband and his date, such as a romantic restaurant.

3.      Lastly, somewhere they can finally put their hands on each other, such as a hotel room or adult club.

To uplevel your role as Escort, bring some wild cards. Raise the heat by creating a few instructions your Hot Husband and his date are required to do throughout the evening. Some examples:

1.       Play footsies under the table

2.      Give each other a teasing kiss

3.      Share something naughty about yourselves

4.      Take a small trip to the bathroom for a quick make out session

5.      Tell one another what you like a partner to do in bed

You are there to accompany and lead – the only limit is your own imagination.


Which scenario(s) excites you most? 

My personal favourites from these 5 Scenarios for the Voyeuristic Cuckquean are:

<3 The Photographer

<3 The Escort

Take [After] Care

If you enjoyed the collaborative minds of James and I, reach out here and request scenarios for another fantasy.

In the end, my goal is to help you create the most pleasurable life for you and your partners, so don’t be shy!!

Until next time,

Take care, friends…

And fuck well!

Quean Mo xx

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