Room 2610: An Intro to Private Sex Parties

Select Club – Where Parisians Go to Play

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Through the labyrinth of the outdoor gardens and bridges, James and I approached one of the rare skyscrapers in Paris. From the exterior, we tried identifying the 26th floor apartment that awaited us. The night was warm and calm, contrasting greatly with my dancing nerves.

James and I, donned in classic attire and sly grins, had been waiting for this moment for over a week. We had received a mysterious, albeit flattering request on Wyylde*. The organizer of an exclusive Parisian sex party asked if we’d like to come and “review” the next event. Having always wondered how one gets invited to such things, we said yes without hesitation.

* An online social network for people seeking pleasure – NSFW!

Select Club

The party is called Select Club, which implies exactly what it means: you must be selected to attend. It commenced in January of this year and has already acquired a waiting list.

The Select Club is a private libertine event for people aged 18 to 40. The goal of the organiser is to keep the male-female ratio as even as possible. It is an event for both singles and couples; however, if it’s your first time as a single man, you must attend with a libertine woman. If this works the first time, the next invite does not require you to be accompanied by a woman.

Generally speaking, when the number of men outweighs the number of women, it changes the vibe and dynamic. Sex clubs have also recognized this, which is why there are designated evenings for single men. The Select Club’s number one priority is ensuring comfort, safety, and pleasure.

One woman told us that the organiser used to have more women than men at his events, but the issue was men don’t last as long as women.

She laughed, “for the party to go to 5am, we needed more men to fuck.”

The 50/50 ratio seems to fulfil the guests with bigger appetites, while simultaneously adding a layer of security.

If you do go to a Select Club party, there are strict rules about behaviours and practices. One badly behaved attendee can destroy the Select Club’s reputation, and the organiser is vigilant in ensuring that doesn’t happen. Should you attend a Select Club event and act inappropriately, you will be blacklisted.

To be invited to a Select Club event you must be in contact with the organiser (or have previously attended). The catch is, he seems to look for attendees on applications such as Tinder, Feeld, and Wyylde. He came across our profile by chance, as we changed our location to Paris for the month of August – just in time for the party!

Upon confirming our attendance, we were reminded that we can cancel up to 24-hours before the event. Should we cancel later, we could be blacklisted. Because there is limited capacity at these parties – and there is such a long waiting list – it is important to respect your word when RSVPing.

We received the event details the day of (because the location is different for every party). All guests were asked to dress elegantly; however, suits, high heels, and lingerie were not mandatory. James wore black dress pants and a maroon dress shirt. I wore a black dress and wedges.

Through the Gates

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Taking the elevator and walking the corridor to room 2610 felt surreal – were we really about to go to our first private sex party?

Yes. Yes, we were.

James knocked twice, and within seconds we were greeted by the warm and welcoming organiser, who we’ll call Antoine.

Antoine is an average height, stocky man, with a big grin and curly hair. He was charming and, in one Wyylde review, was proudly described as:

A sweet and violent dominant.

He introduced himself and then led us down a hallway, giving us a tour.

To the right, we passed a bathroom and the entrance to a small kitchen. To the left, we were shown two bedrooms that were open for pleasure and had balcony access (where spectators would soon gather).

The hallway opened into an 80s-style living room, with green marble flooring and pearly white side tables and cabinets. To the left was the balcony access and lined along the interior walls of the condo were leather couches. On the opposite side of the room sat a table with various liquor bottles. The only food in the place were three plates of salmon tartines (remember, it’s Paris!), which is why James and I ate before.

James and I were of the first to arrive, so we took that time to get acquainted with the host and the few guests that preceded us. It felt advantageous because we could watch other Select Club guests enter before they spotted us.

In total, there were 14 men and 14 women. Amongst all of us, there were only four couples.

Some people were extroverted and friendly, while others hung back a bit, getting a feel for the space and the people inhabiting it.

When the Clock Strikes Midnight

The first hour and a half consisted of mingling and drinking. People moved from the living room to the balcony and back again. The bedrooms went untouched until midnight-ish. By that time, ppl shed their clothes and headed off in pairs or groups.

In the beginning, a couple claimed one bedroom, keeping the door only slightly ajar. The other guests left them be and moved onto the second bedroom, where an orgy quickly erupted.

From the balcony, I watched as participants naturally found their place amongst the writhing bodies. Me and other spectators sipped our drinks and enjoyed our view. Some slowly disappeared to join the fun, while others preferred their voyeuristic vantage point.

James and I noticed that some participants (both men and women) joined without first speaking with others. Because I wasn’t in the bedroom, I can’t comment on the conversations around consent, even if it was reiterated by the host at the beginning of the night.

In saying that, from what I saw, everyone was enthusiastic about their position in that space, and the men were pro-actively putting on (and changing) condoms.

There was one scene, where three women were lying on the bed in different positions, while men surrounded them, pleasuring them from various angles.

It was sexy!

Our Encounters

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James spoke with several women, and I was curious to see how I would feel about this.

Quickly, I realized that I’d find it exciting if he played with someone else. I also realized that excitement was a result of this specific event – because I felt particularly comfortable with the people and the environment.

In saying that, James didn’t feel a connection with (or from) anyone. Secondly, because the party leaned more towards group sex, and the communication didn’t quite reach James’ standard (what he personally needs to feel at ease in a sexual setting with a partner), he decided to simply enjoy the ambiance.

What I found even more surprising, however, was my attraction to one attendee. We will call him Nathaniel. He was warm, and funny, and comfortable both in his skin and in that space.

During one of our “check-ins”, James encouraged me to flirt and get physical with someone if I wanted to.

I spent a good 45-minutes speaking to Nathaniel on the couch but felt no need to pursue anything more. The conversation was genuine, fun, and pressure-free. By the end of the night, we exchanged numbers – as he was flying home the next morning with his wife (who was in the next room having her own fun) – but nothing was set for me to see him again. At the very least, it was nice to make a friend.

The Finale

Truth is, I’m still figuring myself out – as is James. If anything, this party let me explore some of those feelings in a comfortable setting.

Even if I didn’t participate sexually, I met a lot of great people and had some interesting conversations. In fact, I felt like the party coach – on three separate occasions, I checked in with other guests, and they took the opportunity to ask me questions (they knew I was a sex coach and blogger) and share their experiences.

This made me realise what James and I have been missing throughout this process:

Meeting people our age in the lifestyle and hearing their thoughts on it.

Everyone is different of course – there was a married couple who enjoyed their own fun but never at two different locations. There was another couple who really just like the ambiance of sex parties, but only fool around with one another. One woman just wanted to fuck without getting to know anyone, while another felt a connection with a man she met there.

There were people from all over the world: France, Canada, United States, Dubai, Tawain…

I could see how liberated these people were, and even though it was a sex party, there was no external pressure. Everyone was able to explore as much or as little as they wanted, without judgement.

That, my friends, is the epitome of pleasure and sexual liberation! For that reason, if Select Club would have us, we would happily attend another event.

Until next time,

Fuck well, friends!

Quean Mo xx

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