QLQ: What are 7 Fun (Non-Sex-Related) Facts About You?

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I’m thrilled to be sharing something a little more lighthearted this week – especially since the confession I made on Friday was a hard hitter. It continues to amaze me how responsive and loving this community is, and how curious you are about me (still wrapping my head around it!). It’s funny because this QLQ was a bit difficult to answer.

What are 7 things about me that are both interesting and not related to my life as a sex blogger or Sexy Traveler?

I tend to think this part of my life is pretty fucking cool, so I won’t lie, I had to reach out to some friends for assistance on this. I really hope they don’t disappoint…

1. I’m in therapy.

Since the lockdown came to its first kind of end in 2021, I started experiencing a level of anxiety I hadn’t known before. For a while there, I thought I developed a heart condition. I’d wake up every morning to a fluttery chest, heart racing, and lightheadedness. This came and went throughout the day and intensified if things felt the slightest bit out of control.

When I first entered therapy, I wanted to address this problem. Turns out I had no heart condition, just acute anxiety. And this anxiety was (is?) entirely linked to me not implementing boundaries, trusting myself nor the reactions of other people. So, I began the journey of coming back to myself, and detaching from attributes that I held (toxically) too close to my identity (i.e., being liked by everyone through people pleasing and passiveness).

Luckily, I’ve seen a massive improvement in the last few weeks. I’ve turned some kind of psychological corner since end of July, and have hope for the days, weeks, and months to come. Which brings me to this…

I am (and always have been) pro-active in my self-development and pursuit of peace. I believe in joy (aka pleasure) over pain, and that self-awareness is the key to knowing the difference.

Now onto the less serious stuff…

2. I’m the middle child.

Well, one of them.

I have an older brother and sister, and a younger sister. My younger sister says that if you were to meet me in person, this fact would make more sense to you. According to her, shit just rolls off me.

3. I’m the crazy one.

You know the saying, “There’s always one in the family,” or “every group has that crazy friend.”

Apparently, that’s me (it’s news to me too).

According to more than one person, I have a tendency to up-level the ambiance (bring me to a karaoke bar and I’ll prove it to you).

“You’re contagious!” My friend said, followed by, “and you’re generally up for anything without question.”

My husband has also mentioned a time or two that I’m the “wild” one in the relationship… I mean, I am the one with a sex blog 😉

4. I’m catching up on past movie moments.

I grew up on Tim Burton and Johnny Bravo. For the majority of my adolescence (even late teenage years), my parents were quite strict about the media I consumed. I recall one day playing Fat Joe’s What’s Love, and the opening line, “put the fuckin’ mic on,” nearly sent my dad through the roof.

As a result, I completely missed all the great content of the 80s and 90s, including movies like:


To name a few…

Fortunately, James is a massive cinema geek, and because he was born in the 80s, he couldn’t be married to someone who’d never seen, say, a Tarantino film! So, I’ve begun losing my filmography virginity (filmoginity?) and continue to work my way through the list!

Have any suggestions?

P.S. Right now, my favourite movie is THE JOKER, but mobster movies are my fav genre. In case you were curious.

5. I like lifting heavy shit.

James and I are staying in a house in the hills in the South of France. We have no road access to this house, so we walk up and down 160 stairs between here and the parking lot. When we have luggage or groceries, James tries to be the gentleman and offers to carry the heavy stuff. Each time it’s a battle.

I like carrying heavy shit. I know it’s weird, but I’m deeply connected to my body, and for as long as I can remember, I’ve enjoyed this feeling. I grew up in a house with a bodybuilder (my dad) and felt empowered at an early age by my own strength. My exercise of choice is weightlifting (although I haven’t done it consistently for many years because, well, travel), and any chance I get to experience the tightening of my muscles and the power of my own body, I’ll take it.

6. IRL, I swear a lot!

Swearing was sooooooo off limits in my house growing up, I think it may have backfired. Remember my dad’s reaction to Fat Joe? Ya, if I even mouthed a euphemism, my ass was getting told!

An ex-boyfriend of mine also tried to curb my potty-mouth. He told me he didn’t like it- that it “wasn’t lady-like.” Yeppp.

I didn’t listen.

My favourite word is, has been, and always will be fuck, in all its variations.

7. People want to keep my laugh.

Before I moved to France, the company I worked for in Toronto threw me a going away party. It was humbling because it wasn’t something they often did for employees who left. It was nice because it made me realize how much of an impact I had on my colleagues, especially when they said this:

“We were thinking we could record your laugh and put a sensor device in your old office. That way, any time we walk by it, it’ll set off the recording and your laugh will continue to brighten our day.”

I have been told many, MANY times how wonderful my laugh is. Upon hearing it for the first time, a client once asked me if I was a singer:

“With a laugh like that, you must know how to sing!”


That’s all folks.

I hope those seven non-sex-related facts were in fact fun. If I’ve left something out, remember you can always drop your question here!

Thanks for your QLQ .


P.S. A bonus fun fact: I’m a collage artist too! If you like a bit of art, feel free to check my stuff out on Instagram @melocollage.

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