Top 5 Memories at the Oasis Aqualounge in Toronto

Quean Mo smiles into the camera, as James walks away behind her. They are surrounded by beach and old French buildings.

I’m sitting here doing a rare thing: listening to music as I type. It’s usually devastatingly distracting, but I’ve spent the last 30 minutes building a 7-hour playlist entitled, Autumn 2022, and I just can’t help myself.

Current beat: Wasting My Time by Default. And it’s got me thinking…

The last thing I want you to do is waste your time when pursuing your own pleasure, and in the form of Sexy Travel, it’s critical you know what it is, how to do it, and what to expect. As you know, James and I are on a mission to explore the most luxurious and ethically conscious adult spaces, and report back to you, you naughty people

After spending a month in Paris, we sat down together to debrief on our experiences, and the verdict still stands: 

Our absolute favourite Sexy Travel space is The Oasis Aqualounge.


Gateway to Pleasure

The Oasis Aqualounge (OAL) is in the heart of Toronto, Ontario (where I’m from), and is one of the greatest gateways into this lifestyle. It is a pressure-free environment, where people come to play or just relax in the spa’s amenities. It puts safety first, whilst promoting pleasure for all. It is the most inclusive Sexy Travel destination we’ve seen yet.

On a personal note, the OAL has been a place of exploration and experimentation for James and me. I’ve both confronted my demons and been encouraged by them within the walls of this Victorian mansion. Each experience has been different, but ultimately expansive.

To give you a taste of what you could experience beyond the blue door and black curtain of this paradise, I’ve detailed our top five memories at the Oasis Aqualounge. Enjoy…

Please Note: James and I have only ever attended events on evenings designated for single women and couples. Check out their event page for more information.

1. Heated Pool Convos with The Next Generation

Amongst the OAL’s amenities is their outdoor, heated pool. If you’re brave enough to visit Canada in the dead of winter, taking a cosy dip in ice cold surroundings is magical. 

Although the pool is off-limits to sexual activity, it’s surroundings (lounge chairs, perimeter booths, the floor…) are not. The pool, being a kind of “neutral” zone has led to some interesting interactions. You can watch the sexual show that is taking place on dry land (if consented to) or focus on the unique people that wade through the liquid’s warm embrace.

One time we formed a small social group in the pool. James and I connected (amicably, not intimately) with a couple originally from India, and a trans Torontonian woman who asked if they could recite their poetry to us (to which I responded “heck ya!”). 

On another occasion, we met two young women – in their early twenties – who came as friends, simply to kick back and express their naturiste tendencies. 

What was particularly special about this encounter was witnessing their sense of self-acceptance. They were at least ten years younger than James and I and their mindset was mind blowing. Their capacity for empathy, and their progressive, inclusive vernacular felt natural, free-flowing and, dare I say, intimidating. 

Their presence was chill and loving – a new wave of love revolutionists, modern-day hippies; making change, first and foremost, by living the pleasure filled life they believe everyone should have access to.

Speaking to them lit James and I up! 

We wanted to hang with them, understand them, know where they grew up, what their parents were like, and just how they came to be these cool and conscious people at such a young age!

The Oasis Aqualounge, you see, is not just a place for orgies and orgasms (although there are plenty of those!), but also grounds for connection and conversation. James and I left that interaction wanting to do work on ourselves. Being exposed to people like that is enlightening, humbling, and expansive.

2. Naked Karaoke

One thing you may (or may not) know about me is I love to sing. That isn’t to say I’m good at it, but it’s definitely one of my fav things. As alluded to in last week’s QLQ: give me karaoke and I’ll give you a night to remember!

So, you have to understand that when our travel plans aligned with the OAL’s Naked Karaoke night, there was no room for negotiation – we were fucking goooiinnnggg!

Naked Karaoke is a recurring event at the OAL, and one of my favourite pastimes. The best part: it was the same night we met those two women in the pool, so, yes, we absolutely did a musical ensemble of Girls Just Want to Have Fun!

The way it worked was simple:

<3 Go to the ballroom at the time naked karaoke starts

<3 Checkout their song book  and put your name on the list

<3 When it’s your turn, you get on stage and sing your heart out for the people in the room, and…

<3 For members who are streaming online!

Yep – you could have watched me struggling to hit notes while scantily clad!

Some highlights of that evening:

<3 A Dom singing while stripping out of his leather!

<3 A naked middle-aged man belting out rockstar tunes, while leaning into deep lunges, whilst playing air guitar!

<3 A shy couple stepping out of their comfort zone in an upbeat duet!

It goes without saying: the Oasis Aqualounge is unique in its events. My suggestion: get on their events page and see what intrigues you! There’s so much fun (and pleasure) to be had!

3. Shaggin’ Wagon Bliss

Not only does the OAL have a diverse range of events, but they have a diverse range of play spaces. Some are large and communal, while others give the option of privacy.

One of our favourite rooms in the OAL is the Shaggin’ Wagon room! 

Imagine the butt-end of a Volkswagen Type 2 protruding from a wall, trunk doors open and welcoming you with a dark, cushioned lining for lovemaking. It’s emblazoned with stickers from the era of love and sexual revolution. You’ll be transported back in time, for sure!

James and I get a thrill from sexual ambiances, but when it comes to playtime, we generally (generally!) like to fuck on our own. This is a smaller space, and when smaller spaces at the OAL are occupied, the etiquette seems to be that you do not enter unless you ask to join and/or are invited in. 

We’re always happy waiting our turn for a ride in the Shaggin’ Wagon!

<3To see the Shaggin’ Wagon, click this link and fast forward to 2m:16s.

4. A Contactless Orgy

Yes, I said that James and I generally like fucking on our own, but there was this one time…

It was a fairly busy evening at the OAL, and one of my first times attending. There were many, many couples, most around our age. On the same floor as the Shaggin’ Wagon, you have a communal space – I believe it is the porn room, or just next door to it – and I couldn’t fight its allure.

When we entered the room, every surface was occupied by naked bodies moving in waves. Every surface, that is, except a slightly reclined white chair in the centre of the space, beckoning me towards it!

When I entered, I took in my surroundings, realizing that everyone was fucking in close quarters, but on their own. In other words, it was a contactless orgy! 

The energy in the room was palpable – as if I’d walked into a beating heart. I was drawn to the rhythm and needed to be a part of it. So, I asked James if he wanted to take a seat on the white chair, in the middle of the room…

He did. 

I unbuttoned his pants, pushed my panties aside, and became a part of that collective beast. It. Was. Sensational.

5. Red Room Exhibitionist

When we hear “red room”, most of us think of Fifty Shades of Grey (aka, the red room of pain). 

This is not like that. 

The OAL’s red room is a large, raised bed built between the cocktail bar and adjoining sex room. It lays invitingly at the end of the hall, on the second floor. The walls are painted red, embellished with black-framed window cutouts for voyeurs sitting, sipping cocktails. The room’s interior is upholstered with tufted, red (faux) leather. There are floor-to-ceiling curtains at the mouth of this space, should you wish to close them…

On this occasion, I decided to leave them open.

In the beginning, the OAL was a place of self-discovery. Every visit was a new adventure, a peeling back of some limiting belief, and a renourishing of confidence. 

The red room is where I explored my desire (and fear) of being seen.

On this occasion, something was reborn. I took one of the large, red cushions, placed it beneath my hips. I arched my naked torso and stared out into the hallway as people walked by. James entered me from behind, and within a few moments, people had gathered to watch. 

With every observing eye, a surge of pleasure entered and cycled through me. 

Oh man, did I feel alive. 

<3 To see the red room, click this link and fast forward to 2m:23s.

It really is an oasis…

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again (and again and again): the Oasis Aqualounge is the place fantasies come true. It is also the place where queans are born and reborn. 

This post is not sponsored by the establishment to which it gives praise. This is a tribute to a space that promotes pleasure and safety and inclusivity, in a luxurious industry that tends to cater to rich, white, cis folk.

The Oasis Aqualounge lives up to its mission:

“We believe in excellent customer service, hygienic facilities and creating an environment that inspires relaxation and intimacy from early in the day until late in the evening.” – OAL 

Until next time,

Fuck well, friends (and check this place out)!

Quean Mo xx

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  1. The last time I came here was so exhilarating. Me and mine’s went from the pool, to the spa, to the bar, to the third floor…
    It was such a liberating experience, one of the greatest memories I could ask for. I never thought I could experience something like this as I would always shy away from it. So when I got to the red room, I lied down and opened every peephole I saw and decided to go all out, with nothing held back. I held my legs open for all comers to come sample me. A man dressed as a cowboy who was very much my senior eventually got his turn after multiple people had already had a taste and would enter me while I was already dripping from the semen of maybe four other people. He used the semen of the previous comers as lube and would say dirty things to me that I never expected someone to say so openly. After he climaxed, he ate me out and filled his mouth with the semen concoction that filled my pussy and filled his mouth with it, puffing up his cheeks. Then he spit it out right at me and I finally felt free. He then proceeded to lick my feet

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