QLQ: Can you recommend some classy, fun places in France and Prague?

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Note: The information provided below is based on our personal experiences. When only visit sex clubs on nights for couples/single women. Details, such as price, are subject to change. We recommend you conduct your own research to ensure you select the space that is right for you.

Sexy Travel is one of our primary pathways to pleasure.

James and I love, love, love to melange sex and travel, but of course, it requires ethical awareness and planning.

If you’re just discovering Sexy Travel, and are eager to dip your toes in these warm and lavish waters, you may be asking yourself:

Where the heck do I start?

Well, Quean Life Queries isn’t a bad place because James and I have taste tested many adult venues, and I’ve gotta say, France and Prague deliverrrrr.

Let me tell you how…

En France

France excels at many things, but what impresses me most is the food and the sex (and the men – hence I married one). Sexy Travel has the tendency to include all of these things, therefore, narrowing it down feels impossible.

So, rather than directing you to one specific place, here are some options:


Paris brings over 30 million tourists each year! This makes sense, considering it’s the most visited city in Europe (apparently the second most visited city in the world). 

For people like James and I (aka slutty people), Paris is a hedonist’s haven. First, it has the Quartier Pigalle – France’s very own red-light district – where you can watch a show at the Moulin Rouge or have a dining experience like no other. Secondly, did you hear me? It’s FULL of (30 million!) people! It’s the opportune time to get on your dating apps and meet some other slutty folk like you. 

Whatever you’re feeling, Paris awaits. Which brings me to the establishments. Some of the classiest and fun spaces I’ve visited are…

<3 Les Chandelles (approx 300€)

This prestigious sex club is known for it’s high status clientele. As you make your way from the red satin dining room into the cavernous depths of LC, you may catch a glimpse of a celebrity or politician.

Rarely do you experience such a level of luxury. But that’s what Les Chandelles is all about: luxury with a capital L, and you’ll pay for it too! Our entire evening cost 300€, which included dinner and a glass of mediocre white wine (drinks were 20€). But what they take in € they make up for in quality (minus that one glass of wine). The food is exceptional – I nearly orgasmed on their cheesecake alone. The dance floor is the perfect balance between spacious and intimate, and the play spaces (aka the salons) are in designated areas.

What you need to be aware of when visiting LC is they don’t just let anyone in. You need to be on top of your game. Shower. Shave. Dress the part. Or you’ll be denied access. 


They don’t fuck around. But, once you’re in, you’re in. 

I’m curious what you’ll think about the velvet dungeon…

<3 Moon City (approx 70€)

If you lean more naturiste – nudist, that is – then you’ll get a kick out of the sex spas of Paris. I’ve recently learned that these establishments aren’t my scene. I prefer clothes on. But, if you like saunas, hot tubs, sex rooms, dark hallways, and a hot meal at the end of the evening, then Moon City is your place. 

For the gay men in the house, its brotha club is called Eclipse, and is exclusive to queer fun! Without stating the obvious, I’ve never been inside the Eclipse… However, any time we’ve walked by the bass is pumping and the smiles of the men leaving are as wide as the door they’re leaving through.

Three words to describe Moon City: cheap, chill, and cheeky.

<3 Private Sex Parties

Being invited to a private sex party isn’t a gaurantee in Paris, but, if you want to increase your chances, you’ll have to put yourself online:

Tinder, Feeld, Wyylde are just three places that the mystery party host could find you. If that doesn’t work out, you may at least connect with some open-minded queans like yourself…

And have a sex party all your own!

Cote d’Azur

Alright, so Paris has a pretty great reputation, but there are a few gems hidden in other places…

<3 Cap d’Adge Naturiste Village

When I say this is a naturiste village, I mean: It. Is. A. Naturiste. Village.

There are two worlds that exist within it: the day and the night.

The day version includes single people, friends hanging out, families on vacations, you name it! There are nudiste restaurants, beach bars, and grocery stores! Think about your daily life, and then imagine everyone naked in it. All day long. That is the magic of Cap d’Adge Naturiste Village.

And I promise you, if you try to sneak in there with a long tank top on (like I did), people will notice, and you’ll feel more naked than you do when you actually get courageous enough to strip down.

Then there’s the night version. It’s like, the moment the sun goes down, everyone goes inside, closes their curtains, hides away. 

That is, everyone but the hedonists. If I could describe this village at night, I’d use one word: circus. 

There were fire breathers. Men on leashes. Women in tuxedos. People swapped roles, genders, lives. People became their true selves. Let their freak flags fly. And no one gave a fuck…

Women danced on bars in thongs! Not hired dancers, just randoms on vacay! People walked down the streets in lingerie! Tattooed acrobatics bent over backwards for their guests! Couples swapped with other couples! Everyone was happy and horny and alive!

If you want a place where shame doesn’t exist, and pleasure is on demand…

Book your holiday now!

<3 Abso Villa, Club and Spa

Last (but not least) of the French treasures is the pleasure trifecta: Absolu Club!

This is the ultimate sex package: stay at the villa, get a private car to the club at night, and then rejuvenate at the spa the following morning! 

All three of their establishments are classy and offer reasonable packages depending on the experience you want. Abso is also a wonderful gateway experience for novices in this lifestyle. Because the club’s play areas are on a different floor than the communal area (dance floor, bar and lounge), you can melt into the vibes – acclimate to your surroundings – without feeling preyed upon.

For anyone who enjoys a good party, good vibes, and (the option of) a good fuck, Abso Club will do you right.

Czecking out Prague

This may come as a surprise, but Prague is neck-to-neck with Amsterdam as the most sexual city in Europe!

James and I have it in the books to go back to Prague as soon as possible. Partially because it was charming, romantic, had great food, and good vibes…

But also, we only experienced ONE Sexy Travel space. 


The country went into lockdown while we were there. But that wasn’t before we got to experience what one of the locals called:

“The best sex club in Prague.”

The Fantasy Club is quaint, luxurious, and customised to your pleasure! To explain, here is a direct quote from my article about the establishment:

“After taking our “welcome beverage”– a glass of sparkling wine, offered to us by the smiling bartender back at the bar – we took a seat amongst other clientele, next to a small, platformed stage, where a woman was removing articles of clothing for the crowd. The bartender asked if we were there to play with each other or others. Because James and I prefer getting to know someone before sexually engaging, we told her with each other. To this, she smiled and handed us blue wristbands (as opposed to red) – a code indicating our boundaries to the other guests.”

And the wristbands worked.

We may have had eyes on us, but no one approached, touched, or asked to join. It was liberating. 

Although we didn’t get to experience half of what we had planned, I am certain no club in Prague will compete with the Fantasy.

Find Your Destination

Whether you’re a beginner Sexy Traveller or not, finding the right space(s) is the key to your pleasure. The establishments that made it on this list did so because they fit my criteria. It doesn’t mean they will be perfect for you! Getting to know your own standards in this world may take some trial and error, but at least you have a fun and classy starting line. I say, ready, set, and go get your Sexy Travel on!

Thanks for your QLQ.


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