Introducing the Witch

The Essential Witch sitting in the corner of her apartment, draped in a purple komono and a long-chained necklace. She wears a headband, glancing at the camera.

Who am I? 

…hm, great question. Should I really be starting this off with an existential pondrey? 

I guess I’ll start by covering the basics. I’m Bronté, an eclectic, solitary, heathen, green witch. 

Wow, that’s a mouthful.

You might be looking at that introduction and thinking ‘what the actual eff does any of that mean?’ Let me happily break it down for you in the ways these words pertain to me, my intro, and why I’m here at COTQ.

  1. Eclectic: Deriving ideas, beliefs, and practices from a broad and diverse range of sources.
  2. Solitary: Singular, alone, without a coven.
  3. Heathen: Typically indicative of someone who’s spiritual practice includes Norse and Druid beliefs.
  4. Green: In reference to a type of witch, it indicates that she/he/they are one that works with herbs, nature, and anything of the “natural realm” in their Craft.
  5. Witch: An individual who practices The Craft.

Great, now that we’ve gotten that all pentagrammed up, a few other things I should mention about myself would be that my pronouns are she/her, I am not only a multi-hyphenated witch, but a multi-hyphenated person in general. 

I’m an actor, model, and ASMRtist who reads Tarot to provide insight for those in need. I am also a mental health advocate (being a mental health patient myself), vegan (yes, the animals fucking matter), who occasionally can be found wielding a sword (legit though). 

Do all of these things make up my identity?

Frankly, it doesn’t even scratch the surface, but you’ll learn more as the articles come…

Okay, but who invited the Witch?

Before you get your panties in a bunch (unless that’s something you’re into), let me explain:

I’m here as another perspective in this world we are trying to navigate (aka the world of sex and pleasure). Quean Mo does not identify with any religion or spiritual practices; however, she understands that healing and sex can be a spiritual experience for many people. For this reason, Quean Mo invited me to join this community to provide that component for people who want (need) it. 

Even if you don’t resonate with my specific practices, I am confident that I can inspire you to move inward and connect with elements of yourselves, in the spiritual context you require. Of course, if this isn’t your thang at all, think of me as a peaceful part of the crowd.

How exactly does my knowledge/story pertain to COTQ and the topic of sex and pleasure? It’s simple:

We are individually nuanced and in order for us to be sexually liberated, among other things, we have to go through what I will refer to many a time as RADICAL SELF- ACCEPTANCE

My journey began during one of the most difficult times of my life. More times than not, that’s where it starts: rock bottom. There’s nowhere else to go but up/forward. 

Full transparency: I’m still on that journey…

Being a witch and finding my spiritual path was a HUGE component to discovering who I am, what I want/need, how to recover from my trauma, how to embrace my shadow, and how this can affect all aspects of my life (yes that means sex as well). 

Slowly but surely my life was/is piecing itself together in a way that makes me feel happy, seen, and fully alive (for the most part – again, still a work in progress). If there’s even a shred of resonance for you in the pages to come, it’ll all have been worth it.

What to expect for upcoming articles – let’s cover that shall we?

1. Magick

(No, the “k” is not a mistake). Magick comes in many forms, some of which I wasn’t even aware of until later in my practice. For example, I wasn’t familiar with Sex Magic until roughly 2018, about 4 years into my own practice. That’s not the magic I specialize in, but damn it is potent, and it is worth a look into *elbow nudge, elbow nudge*

There is a wide range of magick that I will speak about, and spells I’d like to share that I believe can be helpful on various topics, not only sex. The first, and most important thing I’ll mention when it comes to magick and casting (as in spell casting), is that it comes from within YOU. 

Spellcasting is what identifies a witch from a non-witch. The purpose of spellcasting is to use an intention and manipulate energy to amplify it as you cast it forward. Spellcasting can be used to manifest certain experiences or responses from your environment, such as love and pleasure.

Simply put: 

Intention + Ingredients (e.g., oils, herbs, etc.) = Spell

You must first learn to believe in yourself and the magical world, have a clear intention, and use the tools and words correctly. I’ll get further into these details at a later date, but just know where you need to begin, if this intrigues you at all!

2. Mental Health 

I will cover topics specific to my experience and their effects on sex, pleasure and my relationships; how I continue to process and heal using witchcraft, therapy, and practical tools.

3. Sex in Film 

I’ll be sharing my personal experience of my time in the film industry and how that’s played a part in a multitude of areas: sexuality, mental health, autonomy, safety and the power of the voice. This also ties into how we can hex the shit outta the patriarchy, and send certain “messages” to people, corporations, and even governments to take back our power (not gender-specific).

4. Addressing Societal Issues

Tied to #2 & 3, I will be addressing societal issues and how a witch can navigate them and bring about a positive perspective, or action through The Craft.

Varying Perspectives

Image of Bronte's lower body. She is sitting on a wood floor, hands hovering above an illuminated salt rock. She is in a red dress.

I hope at this point you’re starting to see the full (salt) circle, and how it’s all connected. This is why Quean Mo invited me: to add a different perspective (or extra layer) to COTQ *crawls out of her hole into the light to write this*.

Like Quean Mo, I too am an open book with the drive to reach others on their own journey of bettering themselves, and to help one less person feel alone.

So please, get unabashedly curious and ask all the questions. I’m excited to have been invited to be another voice in this already incredibly supportive, educated, kind space, and also to connect with all of you. 

So, with that said I’ll be mounting my broom and heading off into the night *cackling*.

Till then, stay spooky (and sexy), friends.

Bronté, The Essential Witch
The Whisper Coven

P.S. You can now submit questions to Ask The Witch (ATW) and have them personally answered by the Bronte !

4 thoughts on “Introducing the Witch

  1. What a beautifully written post. I too, am an eclectic, solitary witch. I identify as a mind witch, as well as a Hellenic Pagan. Definitely looking forward to following along on this curious, wild journey. Sending lots of love and good vibes your way, from one witch to another.

    1. Thank you for your comment and patience in my response! I’m happy to hear you enjoyed Bronte’s post. I’ve shared your comment with her, she’s excited to write for COTQ and connect with the witches in this community, like yourself (I didn’t realize there were so many of you!). We have some wonderful content coming in the following weeks; currently in the midst of a move, so stay tuned….

      1. No worries, I definitely look forward to reading and engaging with the upcoming content. It’s amazing that there’s a whole witchy community here and that we get to interact with each other. Also thanks for sharing my comment with Bronte, she’s an amazing writer. Sending lots of love to you and the team. ~Xen

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