I Need to Be with My Wife to Want Other Women

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Recently, I developed a trusting relationship with a woman named Alex

AND She’s excited to play the cuckcake in my relationship with Quean Mo. 

Let me tell you a bit about her and how I’ve realized Quean Mo’s presence is required for me to let go with Alex. 


The first time I met Alex was at a common friend’s party. She was there with her boyfriend (now her ex). I remember having a good feeling when we spoke. Her energy was high and bubbly, we laughed, and connected over travel (a topic you know Quean Mo and I adore!). 

I thought to myself, “she’s a beautiful woman.” Not just physically, but wholly. When I met her boyfriend, it was harder to relate. If I’m being honest, I thought the two were an odd pair. But, hey, who am I to judge? 

Some people may think the same about Quean Mo and me. Anywho…

Quean Mo and Alex really got on and exchanged information to keep in touch. Since then, as you now know, they did their best to check in with each other once in a while. For me, I only ever saw Alex on Facebook in a post here or there. At no point did I imagine we’d be where we are now…


Without repeating the entirety of Quean Mo’s story on how Alex came into my life recently (you can read that here), I want to acknowledge that Quean Mo anticipated this.

I was curious as to why or how she thought Alex would introduce the idea of us playing together. Had they exchanged secret conversations about it–ones I was unaware of?

“…I have the feeling she could like us, and I know she loves sex.” 

That’s all Quean Mo told me before I shot Alex a text, unbelieving of my wife’s assumptions.

My text was about traveling, of course, as that was the main subject we bonded over, and our desire to come visit that common friend. I added that Quean Mo and I could use some advice about her part of the US (as we know little about the West Coast). Lastly, I mentioned it’d be great to catch up in person.

Unsurprising to you now, Alex replied very quickly, and, as Quean Mo anticipated, she subtly suggested turning our exchange into something spicier. 


At the same time that I received that text, Alex had messaged Quean Mo saying, “Omg, I just subbed myself to your husband!”

From the top, there was no funny business; nothing hidden between the three of us. 

As I write this, it’s been almost three months since that initial convo. Our talks have indeed led to some sexy, virtual moments. But let’s rewind a minute…


Earlier in the exchange, Quean Mo and I were apart for 10 days. It’s not something we’re used to. You see, for the last 3 years, we’ve both worked from home in close proximity (Covid is partially responsible for this, of course). But, we also rarely travel without each other. 

We actually like spending time together. If you invite me somewhere and ask if I’d rather come alone or with my wife, I will always pick the latter. 

So, evidently, being apart isn’t something we enjoy much. During those 10 days, we spoke and texted every day.

But, so did Alex and I. 

Alex and I spoke about the world of BDSM, shared experiences, and even had our first video chat.

Don’t get ahead of yourself though…

It was so pleasant, but even if portions of the convo were heated, neither of us felt the need to push further. Our energies aligned on that.

It was interesting because it made me reflect on the whole situation.

I really enjoyed Alex’s (virtual) company, and yet, a part of me felt guilty and something else. Not being able to talk, touch, or feel Quean Mo after my call with Alex felt foreign, left me with a sense of unease that was new and difficult to understand.

Taking time to analyze myself, I realized that in the rare moments I’m without Quean Mo, I never look at other women in that way. If I speak to other women without Quean Mo’s presence, I don’t do so with any agenda. 

My brain simply doesn’t go there. 

To take pleasure in that kinda thing, I realized, requires her presence

At the end of the day, I want to share my thoughts with Quean Mo and get hers in return. I want to feel connected to her. 

Similar to jealousy being her bonding mechanism, sharing these experiences is mine.


This new sexy friendship between Alex and I is uncharted territory for all of us! It’s exciting but also revealing. 

Quean Mo writes about this often: the learning curve that comes with sexual exploration; the undoing of blocks and limiting beliefs surrounding pleasure and relationships. 

When we open up to new people, new adventures, there’s so much of ourselves waiting on the other side of those interactions! And when it comes to this new friendship with Alex, I’ve discovered that not only do I have the chance to get to know an incredible woman, but I get to share all I’ve learned with someone I love dearly (Quean Mo).

Alex is a special person. Our chats and calls feel intimate and arousing. Being able to share that arousal with my person – my wife – amplifies that arousal and creates connection for all three of us!

This is where sex and love (and friendship), although different, intersect in such beautiful and unique ways.

In order for Quean Mo to have the “untouchable cuckquean” experience she desires, it means separation is a necessity to an extent. Getting used to this concept is a challenge for me.  I’m learning that I need Quean Mo close in order to enjoy experiences with others. We are, however, working on defining what “close” means to everyone involved, and incrementally creating scenarios that support everyone’s needs.

We’ve all heard of love languages, but what about bonding languages – the things that support pleasurable experiences; the mechanisms that strengthen trust and desire…

It’s still new, but I can see the trifecta being perfected:

Quean Mo is turned on by my experience with Alex.

I’m turned on by Alex and sharing our experiences with Quean Mo.

Alex is turned on by me, and Quean Mo’s turn on.

What a wild and wonderful triangle.


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