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Have you ever felt drawn to something, or someone without any explanation? Maybe you’ve experienced behaving in ways you never would have imagined, and it’s all eerily unexplainable? Believe it or not, this can be due to someone else’s intent. 

In witch terms, you’ve been hexed/cursed/bound. There can be many explanations for why someone casts a hex, curse or bind over another person – and it doesn’t always mean their intent was “bad”, but messing with someone else’s free will, can really fuck things up. 

Before diving into how to remove them, I’m going to give you a little backstory into my own experience in breaking binds from fellow casters. 

Hexed By a Hollow Man

In 2019, I had gone through a terrible breakup, and was trying my hardest to remove myself from anything related to the past. I was living in a part of the city I’d hardly ever visited and began working in another area of the city that I’d truly NEVER visited. But I was determined to get back on my feet, and that meant to do whatever needed to be done. 

I went in for an interview at a bar, and was welcomed by this meek, timid, seemingly hollow man. I asked for the manager, and said I had an interview, and it turns out he would be the one to interview me. 

As timid as he was, he had a very intense stare, but underneath that I could sense his intimidation, curiosity, and need to connect. It was hard to ignore the light tremble in his voice. I would not have labeled this person as confident, nor did I pay attention to their “attractiveness”, but in hindsight a repulsion still stings me. Fast forward, I got the job, and had been working there for under a month before the same person who interviewed me began making it known that he’d like to get to know me outside of work. I DO NOT DATE THOSE I WORK WITH!

Despite this general rule (and my non-attraction to this person), I ended up dating them anyway (luckily for a brief time). 

There was an obscene amount of love bombing, and intense sexual encounters (although pleasurable, left me feeling gross in hindsight). As soon as I was out of sight of this person, my gut would tell me to run. I didn’t know why, or how…they weren’t abusive, nasty, rude, but I felt that this wasn’t my choice. Something else had pulled me in and was keeping me involved. 

You don’t have to be experiencing something “bad”, in order for it to be a hex/spell/curse. I truly believe this person was lonely, really liked me, and thought they were doing something good.

Luckily, I was pretty confident in my power as a witch, but I had never personally known another witch before. Yes, he was a Wiccan witch, which I didn’t find out about until a week or two before freeing myself of his bind. By this point, the bind was quite strong. The only way for me to be rid of them, was to cut myself off at EVERY avenue: 

  • I quit my job
  • I  told him to leave me alone
  • I blocked his number 
  • I blocked his emails
  • I even moved to another part of the city

He attempted to find me several times (thanks social media), which I had to evade as quickly as possible. 

Sometimes you can find the will within yourself, like I did, but you need to continue to rid the spiritual, and energetic holds they may still have on you. I cleansed myself daily with sage, and palo Santo. I carried crystals with me everywhere, using onyx, tourmaline, carnelian, and rose quartz to absorb any energy that was not mine. I chanted incantations while cleansing myself, and also if I began thinking of them. At the time I wasn’t aware of other, more potent, options- those I will share with you below.

After about a month or so I was fully rid of them and the bind they cast upon me. It took some time, but that’s also due to my lack of experience and knowledge of curses back then. If I knew then what I know now, it could’ve taken a day or two, and I would’ve sent it back to him…this is something I highly recommend to anyone who finds themselves hexed/cursed/bound.

What can you take away from my story? I’ll break it down for you.

  1. You are susceptible to others when your energy field is down/low. In times of distress, or desperation, or even transformation, your forcefield is not as strong. Anyone looking to take advantage sees you as an easier target.
  2. LISTEN TO YOUR GUT!!! Your gut never lies and is the only part of your natural instincts that CANNOT be affected by witchcraft. No one can take that from you, so befriend it, and make an ally out of it.
  3. Pay attention to your behavior. Has it changed since someone has come into your life? Is it positive or negative? Keep note, in case interventions need to be made STAT.
  4. It IS ok to ask if someone is a witch or dabbles in The Craft. When I was dating, I volunteered this information to avoid being stigmatized, but also because I didn’t want others to feel threatened by my spiritual choices. ASK! *Not all witches hex/curse/bind others
  5. If you are someone who is drawn to witches, I recommend doing your own research, regardless if you are a witch or not. That way you can protect yourself from unwanted energy, as well as have items handy to sever any possible binds. 
  6. Love is not supposed to feel like “life or death”, “desperation”, “a need”, or feel “unexplainable”. You should know why you like/love someone and be able to articulate that without confusion. 

Ok, Witch, so what the fuck do I do?! 

Great question, and now that I’m years into my own practice, let me share some more potent options with you on how to break the chains. 


Option 1: Candle Magick Spell Breaker

What you’ll need – 1 white candle & candle holder, tabletop cauldron or fireproof bowl, salt, and water,

  • Step 1: Cast a salt circle – if not around yourself, at least around the table/surface you’ll be casting upon. *Salt can be harmful to plants, so avoid putting it in dirt of houseplants/earth
  • Step2: In the center of the circle, place your candle within the holder.
  • Step 3: Place the holder within the cauldron/fireproof bowl.
  • Step 4: Fill the cauldron/fireproof bowl with water, till it covers the candle holder, making sure the candle is 50-75% above the water, and also above the cauldron’s/bowl’s edge.
  • Step 5: Light the candle and upon doing so, visualize the spell being broken. What does it feel like to be free? Feel it in your body. What does it look like? See the world change around you. What does it sound like? Hear the gates of freedom open up to you. Speak words at this time or describe each thing out loud if needed.
  • Step 6: As soon as the flame reaches the water, it will go out. Allow that to be the water that washes you clean from this curse, this person, this situation.
  • Step 7: Take the contents (water, candle) and dig a hole outside (or in a houseplant). Bury the contents, while saying: “AS I WILL IT SO MOTE IT BE!” Until they are entirely covered in earth. Leave the remains, and don’t look back. *

Option 2: Egg Readings

What you’ll need – 1 black candle, 1 room temp uncooked/unbroken egg, 1 tall/clear glass of water (room temp is best), chili flakes, hot sauce or cayenne pepper, salt, and garlic. *No, we are not making an omelet* 

  • Step 1: Light your candle asking for protection, as well as guidance into the spiritual realm. Allow them to burn for several minutes before step 2.
  • Step 2: Take your UNBROKEN egg and rub it (gently, as not to crack it) all over your body. Make sure to spend extra time in areas you feel the energy has clung to the most (heart, genitals, hands, etc.) *While doing so, you can recite a mantra that feels right for the energy you are trying to be rid of. Example:

Release, Remove, Redefine
This energy that is not mine
Absorb, Abandon, Abolish through
This Egg, I send it back to you
I call all my power back
I am grounded, I am safe
I am completely protected
So mote it be

  • Step 3: Break the egg into the glass of water (you can discard eggshells into compost/garbage), and let it settle completely. If you see any of the following you have certainly been hexed.
    • Blood
    • Webs of yoke climbing up the glass
    • Many tiny bubbles – making it look carbonated 
    • Heavy milky residue *pay attention to what your gut is telling you
    • Any shapes, figures *again, pay attention to what your gut is telling you
  • Step 4 “Send it back!”: In the same glass with all the contents, sprinkle 1/2 tsp of each:
    • Chili flakes
    • Cayenne pepper or hot sauce
    • Garlic powder (for protection)
    • Lastly, salt to seal it. The salt also creates a barrier between you and them for any future attacks. 
  • Step 5: Sit with the concoction as long as you’d like to, but don’t hold on for too long. When ready, dump the contents down the toilet, flush and DO NOT LOOK BACK.

If you don’t feel that the weight of the curse has lifted, you can repeat steps 1- 3 to see if the curse still holds. If so, continue to step 4. *Repeat spell as needed until you feel free.

Option 3: Uncrossing Spell

What you’ll need – Fresh or dried herbs (St. John’s Wort, white sage, and dragons blood resin powder), a pouch to put your herbs into, 1 lemon, an athame (sword, dagger, knife) to conduct energy and cut ties, 1 white candle, 1 black candle, bowl of salt, a jar, and a bowl of water.

  • Step 1: I recommend casting a salt circle of protection – but if you’re in a pinch, use your mind’s eye to cast a white light of protection around you. Then light your candles; white is for connection to spirit, guides, Gaia, whomever will guide you in this spell. Black is for protection.
  • Step 2: Cleanse your athame in the bowl of water – this purifies its energies, neutralizing it. *Repeat this throughout the spell as many times as you feel necessary. Keep the athame neutralized
  • Step 3: With lemon in your non-dominant hand, athame in the other, begin to focus your intentions onto the lemon. Example: thinking of the curses powers, energies, and hold it has on you, now being drained from you and absorbed into the lemon. When ready, begin to cut slices into the lemon. Remember to keep imagining the curse being pulled out of you and into the fruit.
  • Step 4: Once the lemon is in slices, place those slices in the bowl of salt. Cover the slices on both sides with salt, rolling them in the bowl. At this time you can recite a mantra, or incantation that works for you. An example would be as follows:

Allow this fruit to perform its task
Send back this curse from whence it was cast
Break my soul from it’s despair
As this fruit dries with the power of Air
Remove their spell, Break thy curse!
I wish no harm, no spell reverse *or I wish no harm let Karma converse
Do not return this spell of pain *or I send back this spell of pain
My only intent is to be free again *or I praise the Goddess, let Karma reign!

Depending on what you feel to be justice served, speak the spell in your truth.

  • Step 5: Place the salt covered slices in the jar – you can add more salt to the jar to help dry out the fruit. Once you have your slices in there, add the herbs, sprinkling in ½ tsp each. With each herb you add to the jar, do the same into the tiny pouch. 
  • Step 6: Once all herbs are added, seal the jar tight! If you want extra protection, drip the candle wax (both white and black) around the seal of the lid to strengthen its containment. 
  • Step 7: Place the pouch of herbs in your pocket and carry with you for an entire moon phase cycle (roughly 30 days). Take a moment to thank the gods/goddesses/energy/gaia/ etc. for guiding you and protecting you. 
  • Step 8: Finally, take the jar and place it on an “altar”, or space where you can watch it carefully. After the full moon cycle (roughly 30 days) has passed, you can bury the unopened jar in your garden (or in a houseplant), with your protective herbs overtop them. 

If after this time you do not feel it has lifted, do the spell over again. If you notice the contents in the jar (after 30 days, before burying them) are still very “juicy”, and not dried, this is an indication that the fruit was unable to pull all the negative energy from you. Repeat the spell as needed.


I hope these spells serve you well. If you find yourself worried of future hexes, curses, and binds, there are many protection spells that can aid you in being sealed off from such attacks. Write in and let me know if that’s something you’d like me to cover in a later article. I’ve also included some great resources about witchcraft in general, which includes spells, hexes etc. Till next time, stay well, stay educated, and stay spooky friends.

Till then, stay spooky, friends.

Bronté, The Essential Witch
The Whisper Coven


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