QLQ: Do you or James have any interest in him being a bull to a hotwife/cuck couple?

Red background with bold black writing that says: Would James ever be a bull for a cuck couple? #QLQ

James and I engage in frequent chats about enticing desires and exploring ones that intrigue us. Together, we voice certain scenarios, unveiling primal instincts and witnessing how our bodies instinctively react to them…

James being a bull to a couple has been one of those “unveiling” moments. 

To be honest, we’ve received such propositions from couples in the past. In fact, we met one memorable couple online. We were living in the south of France at the time, nestled just outside the beautiful city of Nice, while they hailed from the glamorous realm of Monaco. When I learned this, fantasies quickly turned from sexual to docked cruise ships and champagne…

During that period, one of our key criteria for meeting up with potential play partners was that they speak a minimum of English. Although my French skills were decent, I found myself more at ease in such scenarios when a delightful blend of Frenglish allowed for a smooth exchange of communication. 

Call me old fashioned, but I like to be able to communicate with people before inviting them into my (husband’s) bed.


Turns out this couple did speak English and to my pleasant surprise, the husband was a cuck. Therefore, there was no expectation for me to engage with him directly. What connected us, however, was our shared mutual allure for the concept of James being the bull for his Hot Wife. 

I admit, I became fixated on the idea of experiencing a cuck scenario with a gentleman from Monaco. We even playfully anticipated the raising of glasses in a toast while enjoying the show side-by-side.

The conversation went on for several days, but to our (and I’m sure your) disappointment, nothing came to fruition.

Schedules simply didn’t align due to their in-demand work and the small detail that James and I didn’t have a solid living situation, and were traveling constantly (what else is new?).

Although my Monocao-cuck dreams were put on hold, it confirmed our feelings on such an experience. 

As always, who we play with depends on the connection we share with them. James and I don’t enjoy rushing into things. We don’t have the “here’s the address, show up ready” cuck dynamic.

Furthermore, James has a distinct preference for domination. That doesn’t mean the person he is playing with needs to be a submissive; however, having a submissive partner in the room – like her cuck husband and/or his cuck wife – could serve as a means to fulfill his desire and provide that exhilarating sense of dominance.

So, to put it simply: Yes, James and I are open to him being a bull to a Hot Wife/cuck couple.

For me, personally, it doesn’t significantly change the dynamic. If anything, it adds an entertaining twist to the equation, as I get to have a delightful companion by my side, enjoying the show together. 

In the end, James and I try to embrace the possibilities of pleasure and, when it aligns, we relish in the unique adventures those exepriences offer!

Thanks for your QLQ.

Q. xx

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