ATW: Safeguarding Yourself from An Ex Partner or New Connection Gone Wrong

Solid, purple square with bold, black writing: In Witchcraft, what are some options for retaliation or protection against someone’s ill intentions without causing harm to the person? #ATW

DISCLAIMER: The tools provided below do not protect against hate, physical abuse, or other types of violence. Please seek help from law enforcement and other protective communities if you find yourself in imminent danger. Witchcraft can only take you so far. Please prioritize your safety and remember that you are not alone.

Witchcraft is strictly based on each individual witch and how they see fit to conduct their craft. 

Now, there are witches who follow a more religious path, for example Wiccans. Wiccans have rules that state, “HARM NONE,” with a strong belief in “THE RULE OF THREE.” 

These rules strictly prohibit, or at least heavily warn, other Wiccans/witches not to mess with others free will, and to be cautious of how you cast because it could come back to you “THREEFOLD.”

If you read my latest article, Hexes, Curses, and Binds you’ll probably get the gist that I, for the most part, do not condone harm to others. However, I do believe there are exceptions, and I do have an understanding that if Karma believes that I cast too harshly, she will humble me. And that’s something I’m willing to embrace and accept upon my cast. 

If you’re wanting to retaliate against someone’s ill intentions toward you, or to protect yourself from their unkind ways, here are some options that aren’t “harmful” to the person you are upset with.

In the context of sex, love and relationships, these tools may come in handy when you’re seeking to establish boundaries within a new partnership or between you and an ex. For example, you may use these tools if: 

  • You’re grieving the end of a relationship and want to create some emotional distance.
  • Your ex is playing games with you, and you need a spiritual tool to cut their influence over you.
  • You feel someone has a particularly strong (albeit, uncomfortable) hold on you, and you’re concerned they may be using witchcraft to manipulate your relationship.

Option 1:

Take a picture (that you already have) of said person – DO NOT stalk them to get a photo. You can also draw an image of this person with their name or initials written on it and place it in the back of your freezer. This gives them a “time out” from their behavior towards you.

Option 2:

Borrow this widely accepted binding spell from one of the greatest witchy films of all time The Craft: 

Again, take a photo (or draw an image) of this person, and stick it on a popsicle stick, or something similar. 

Take WHITE RIBBON and wrap “them” from head to toe while repeating the following: 

I bind you, [insert name], from doing harm to others and doing harm to yourself. 

Do not stop until the entire figure is covered in the ribbon. When complete you can also stick them in the freezer, or in a pot of soil, anything where they are “stuck”, but also nowhere harmful.


We have all wronged people at some point in our lives, regardless of our attempts to be the best person we can be. So all in all, remember to give grace and patience to others, if it is a mild offense. Forgiveness is not an outward action, it is internal, and the binding methods above can help you to keep that person at bay while YOU work on forgiveness within yourself. 🤍

Till then, stay spooky and safe, friends.

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