A Letter: My Month of Grieving + Here’s to Our Future (Podcast), Making Pleasure Mainstream

Royals and Friends,

James and I are on a month-long “vacation” in Canada. I use quotations because, although there have been some beautiful moments (and I anticipate more), it has also been a sad time. I’ve been dealing with personal events that are deeply emotional. 

In short, I am grieving.

I’m writing this knowing I’ve been quiet for several weeks – my last blog post being July 28th, entitled, Embracing Liberation: How Sex Clubs Transformed My Life


At that time, James and I had planned our trip to Canada, oblivious to what awaited me around the corner…

My absence is not permanent, nor is it something I anticipated. As a writer and producer without a team to lean on, when these things arise, a choice must be made:

Bite the bullet and push forward or give myself the time and space to heal.

If I’ve learned anything throughout adulthood, the latter will save me prolonged heartache and offer me strength to properly deal with my pain.
For those of you who are trying to read between the lines: 

I am okay. I am safe. I am unharmed. As is James. 

What I’m dealing with is related to family and an explosion that I (and other family members) have unconsciously colluded to avoid and/or tiptoe around for years(!), in hopes we could prolong its arrival.

If I’m being honest, I am relieved in a sense because I no longer have to spend my life calculating and strategically maneuvering certain relationships to avoid unreasonable repercussions. If this situation has revealed anything it’s that I (and other family members) have been held captive in an emotional hostage situation for far too long, and now it’s over…

But with its end came a barrier between me and something very, very dear to my heart. Something I’m not ready to speak about.

This may be a frustrating article, as I allude to so much without providing any real details. I’m sure you can understand that this involves more people than just me, and I have to respect not only my own readiness but also that of others.

So, thank you for your patience as I work through this. I promise, there are still exciting things on the horizon, like…

Our podcast!

Yes, James and I have been recording season one of Making Pleasure Mainstream – a podcast that shatters stigma and encourages exploration!

Using our story, we navigate nuanced topics on pleasure, non-monogamy, Sexy Travel, and more.

It’s our baby. Something we are finally doing together, and we are so, so, so excited to share it with you! 


Royals and Friends…

Although I’ve been away for nearly a month, know that this blog and your presence mean a hell of a lot to me. I have such a supportive readership: You are kind, curious and (com)passionate. It’s a beautiful community, and I know that in the coming months it’s only going to grow!

Because I can’t currently anticipate when I’ll be fully active on the blog again, I suggest this for now:

Subscribe to our (free) monthly e-newsletter, Making Pleasure Mainstream (MPM). Here you’ll get all the news about the podcast and its launch. Plus, you’ll receive personal updates from me, free downloadable resources that aren’t available anywhere else, and our travel plans (maybe your city will be next?). Plus, you can always hit “reply”, ask any questions or tell me about your pleasure journey!

Lastly, join my Facebook page. I’ll be holding a monthly Facebook Live and a countdown to the podcast.


Yes, it has been a hard month… But there’s still so much to look forward to. So, thank you for your patience and love.

Until next time…

Quean Mo xx

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