Image of Quean Mo in a black dress, smiling into the camera.

Quean /kwēn/
noun [archaic]
an imprudent or badly behaved woman

Quean Mo is on a mission to help others create experiences for themselves so they can feel good in their sexuality, on their terms.

Since 2018, Quean Mo has been travelling the world, exploring adult spaces, and writing about unconventional relationships and sexual practices, such as ethical non-monogamy, Sexy Travel, and kink. She founded Call of the Quean in 2018 as a vehicle to share her own story of sexual liberation, help fight misinformation, and build an inclusive, safe community for those who don’t fit into the box society has deemed normal. She approaches the conversation with curiosity, understanding that sexuality is an individual, ever-changing, and expanding phenomenon, and a major pillar to our overall well-being.

Quean Mo believes that sexuality is a fundamental human expression and sexual equality can help mend major threads of unhappiness and negative self-conceptualization. Her goal is to share stories and tools to help others create a more ethically pleasurable existence for themselves and their partners.

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