Bye-Bye Quean, This Isn’t the End…

Friends, Two years ago, the Quean was born. It's been fun, but life is made up of seasons, chapters, and it's looking like this one has come to an end. This blog fed a part of my soul, and judging by the feedback I've been receiving over the last couple of weeks, I think it's … Continue reading Bye-Bye Quean, This Isn’t the End…

RAF: The Sexiest Science

The woman that graces my blog today is a passionate badass on all things sex and science. She's devoted her time and efforts to quality, researched information on sex, sexual health, intimacy and quality sex products for women. When she isn't teaching others how to accept their bodies and increase their pleasure, she's defending women's … Continue reading RAF: The Sexiest Science

RAF: No Sex Please – We’re British

It's such a pleasure to introduce this week's guest writer, Petra Pan. We started speaking early on in my blogging days; however, she has been killing it as an adult product/lingerie tester long before the Quean was born. Well, today she brings you the perspective of sexuality from the land of another known Queen - … Continue reading RAF: No Sex Please – We’re British

When The Bones Are Good

Friends, This is a unique one. I’m blasting The Bones by Maren Morris as I write this....if you don’t know it, get on Spotify and take a listen. There’s something about the sound, something about the message... I’m a person of many passions, many talents (or so I’ve been told). Writing has been a life … Continue reading When The Bones Are Good

RAF: Reba Rose – Hoping Practice Makes Perfect

Every time I receive an email from this human - especially when there's a word doc attached to it - I get all giddy, for I know what I'm about to open will be profoundly moving. The best part is, she doesn't even mean to do it. Sometimes our truths are the most influential; sometimes … Continue reading RAF: Reba Rose – Hoping Practice Makes Perfect

Cuckquean Diaries: Crowned, Part II

Hearing another woman call my husband ‘Master’ had an impact as potent as hearing someone else tell him, “I love you.” It stung, felt foreign and insulting...yet, I couldn’t help but giggle. A lot, in fact. When she entered the room, wearing nothing but my collar, something inside of me twisted (even more so than … Continue reading Cuckquean Diaries: Crowned, Part II

RAF: When My Wife Came Out to Me…

I feel like I've introduced him a thousand times (and I never get sick of it)...but today, rather than me reiterating events, or lessons learned, he takes to the keyboard in his first ever guest post. A little funny, and very honest, without further ado, the love of my life, my rock, and the man … Continue reading RAF: When My Wife Came Out to Me…