Campaign: Sex in America

From sex-talk Meet Ups and interviews to attending some of the most renowned sex parties, Quean Mo and Master J aim to cover it all.

Quean Mo & Master J are preparing to travel 365 days across North America to explore all things sex.

“The past year has been disheartening, to say the least. Between the reversion of Sex-Ed curriculums, the already non-existent programs across certain states and provinces, the cuts being made to women’s sexual health care, and the passing of laws that restrict sexual content online…it’s safe to say we are in need of a continental renovation… This project will explore North America’s most taboo subject: SEX.”

Over the last year, witnessing the impact my stories have had on others has been, well, both humbling and startling. I have since made it my mission to be as approachable and available to my following as possible, so you all have someone to lean on; someone to lift you from your sexual repression. I’m here to remind you that, yes, you are normal! 

How do I know this? Because there’s really no such thing!

“Normality is an illusion. What’s normal to the spider is chaos for the fly.” -Morticia Addams

It’s all of you, my readers, who created the initial spark for project Sex In America


Master J and I have the unique opportunity of expanding our sex-positive reach, learning the needs of individuals and communities, while simultaneously spreading awareness. By bringing this conversation to the streets, we are removing the third wall that many of us hide behind [screens!], providing an open and safe space for people to speak about their sexual diversity. 
We will be travelling the USA and parts of Canada to pursue the following:

1) Hold sexuality Meet Ups in every city we visit (sometimes accompanied by local sexperts)
2) Speak to minority groups/hidden alternate lifestyle communities
3) Attend events/conferences
4) Interview experts, sex workers, thought leaders, sex bloggers/vloggers…

And you can be with us every step of the way via my Patreon Page, Sex With Friends!


Master J and I have launched Phase I of our campaign, Sex In America. Throughout our road trip, we will launch another three phases in order to support the financial backing of this project. Master J and I will also be personally backing this project financially, as it is something we are deeply passionate about.

If you want to contribute, you can start by making donations through the Go Fund Me: Sex In America page. Your donation will give us the freedom to travel and fulfill the aforementioned goals, as well as continually provide you with content and feedback from the various experiences we have, and people we encounter.

More than ever, this project is critical. 2018 was a year of retroactivity, and it is safe to say we are in need of a continental sexual renovation. We hope that you can share in our passion for this subject, and this project. 


Phase I ends July 1st (helps finance first 3 months): Destinations New York, DC, Chicago, Seattle (and many places in between). 

Phase II ends October 1st (helps finance next 3 months): Destinations include Seattle, Vancouver, Las Vegas (with many stops in between).

Phase III ends January 1st (finances next 3 months): Destinations include Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, and all the way to Florida (with many stops in between).

Phase IV ends April 1st (finances final 3 months of the trip): Destinations include thewhole East Coast (from south to north), Kentucky and Tennessee!

Note: Each phase ends before the next leg of the trip begins, to ensure financial support for our upcoming destinations. Destinations are subject to change.


Sexual wellbeing is an integral part to overall wellbeing, and yet it is being ignored, avoided, or riddled with shame and unrealistic expectations. 

I have four nephews, one niece, and the idea of them growing up in a world where they have to hide this part of themselves – the piece that is so deeply connected to how they came to be in the first place – is downright dreadful for me. My hope for this project is to broaden my knowledge and understanding of the diversity of sexuality by way of speaking to people just like you,  your neighbours, their neighbours, and so forth…

If we can’t accept ourselves, how will we ever learn to accept each other?

Sexuality is the foundation of our existence, and yet the basis of the issues that exist today. Project Sex In America will not be the cure to all ills, but it is a starting point for a more sexually liberated tomorrow. Our only wish is that you join us in this effort, and that we get to meet you when we visit your city!


If you believe in our project and wish to support us on a more exclusive level, feel free to reach out to me at for sponsorship opportunities! Opportunities range from having your logo on our channels and material, to us driving around in a van with your brand on it! We are also open to hear any sponsorship suggestions that you may have, and any other collaboration opportunities!


Quean Mo