Lexi: Over Before It Began

Remember Lexi, My Husband's Sex Friend? She was the first woman I "authorized" my husband to explore on his own. I was curious what would come out of it, how I would feel knowing he'd be spending intimate time with her online. To be honest, it was nice at first. I enjoyed hearing about the [...]

A Letter: My Brief Life as a Sex Coach

Content Note: this article discusses topics of abuse, suicide, and sexual subject matter. Call of the Quean is just over a year old. She was birthed March 5 of last year. My life has since been a revolving door for people to come and ask relationship or sexuality questions, seek advice on shame-ridden messages they've [...]

I like a girl…

 I went to a bar. You know when I say that, something happened. I’m ashamed to admit that “I went to a bar,” tends to be the prologue to some very new, and intense experiences for me. This one is no exception. I went to a bar in Rennes, France with my Master. The love [...]

Les Chandelles

 My evening at the famous sex club, ParisMaster and I walked down a small avenue in Paris, looking for door number 1 – literally, that was the address. We must have walked by it three times, as it was so discreet. When we finally took notice of the inconspicuous blue door, our nerves flared. We [...]

Moon City

Moon City Lounge BarMaster J spoils me every year for my birthday. I think he likes the look of shock and awe on my face, along with the worshipping that comes after. This year was no exception. Between the small (but sexy) wrapped gifts I received, and having my brother show up on our doorstep [...]

Foursome Feedback

 So, last week I let you in on my (not so) little secret. I had a foursome. Although I am no expert regarding group sex, I thought I’d share the few lessons this first experience taught me… 1) It all comes down to this - Emily’s (Sex with Emily) famous saying: Communication is Lubrication. Unfortunately, [...]