Trapeze, ATL

Image by Anthony J Cronin Regardless of my sexy-writing hiatus, nothing can keep me away from the lifestyle. It shouldn't surprise you that one of the first adventures we took since moving to the land of peaches is the highest rated sex club in the city. The name itself leaves you dreaming of seductive circus [...]

Forgive me, for I have sinned

It's been exactly three months. Three months of acquainting myself to a new place, a new story. When we think of the word "home," I imagine the majority of us feel warmth. It brings to mind certain people, a specific place, perhaps. If you'd asked me when I was ten where I'd be twenty years [...]

When The Bones Are Good

Friends, This is a unique one. I’m blasting The Bones by Maren Morris as I write this....if you don’t know it, get on Spotify and take a listen. There’s something about the sound, something about the message... I’m a person of many passions, many talents (or so I’ve been told). Writing has been a life [...]

Cuckquean Diaries: Crowned, Part II

Hearing another woman call my husband ‘Master’ had an impact as potent as hearing someone else tell him, “I love you.” It stung, felt foreign and insulting...yet, I couldn’t help but giggle. A lot, in fact. When she entered the room, wearing nothing but my collar, something inside of me twisted (even more so than [...]

Let’s Hear It For New York

Going to the city that never sleeps is always an exciting venture. I imagined cocktails on rooftops, sex parties in slow motion, and finding bliss in Bowery. I'd be lying if I said none of those things happened (more on that later). For now here are some of the highs and lows the concrete jungle [...]