RAF – Minx: A Memoir, Pt. III/III

   Before we dive into the final segment of this interview, I want to virtually applaud Minx for her strength, courage and vulnerability. Her truth has shed light on topics that most people are too afraid or ashamed to speak openly about. The female experience of abuse and heart ache is not something to be [...]

RAF – Minx: A Memoir, Part II/III

 If you missed Part I of this RAF Series, you can find it here. CONTENT NOTE: This series covers topics of domestic/sexual abuse and abortion, sometimes in explicit detail. You can find helpful resources regarding these two topics at the bottom of the article.  Minx left off by sharing with the readers that in her [...]

RAF – Minx: A Memoir, Pt. I/III

 This Month’s RAF Series features an old friend of mine. We have 23 years of herstory together, having met in kindergarten at the age of 4. CONTENT NOTE: This series covers topics of domestic abuse, sexual assault and relationships between a minor and an adult. Through her confessions and telling, I believe women of all ages [...]

RAF: The Lingerie Guy

Ann Summers Aleece set in pink  First I want to thank The Lingerie Guy for allowing me to feature him in this RAF Series. As his name suggests, he is passionate about women’s lingerie! The Lingerie Guy is a man that is challenging the norm, and proving that there’s nothing wrong or harmful about crossing [...]

RAF: Presenting Button-Dick Brian

 CONTENT NOTE: Images of genitilia to follow. Brian and I came across one another via Instagram. Truth be told, he initiated the conversation by complimenting Call of the Quean’s content, after having submitted his questionnaire to be the next Collar Club Member of the Month (find his profile here). I had been looking for the right [...]

RAF: Happy Masturbation Month

 Tomorrow we celebrate International Masturbation Day (May 28th), which is an annual international event that celebrates (and protects) the right to masturbate! In honour of this magical month, I had two of my female Collar Club Members participate in a one-on-one interview (with yours truly) to discuss their self-love practices. Before I share their juicy [...]