Cuckquean Diaries: Crowned, Part I

I've never felt humidity like June in NYC. Climbing four flights of stairs to reach an apartment with no A/C seemed like a fate worse than hell - or at least, equivalent. Funny how it ended up being the second hottest memory from our time there... Master J and I spent most of our days … Continue reading Cuckquean Diaries: Crowned, Part I

RAF: Introducing Reba Rose

There is no proper way to introduce my first guest writer, Reba Rose. She's a dear friend, a warrior, and a talented wordsmith. When she first asked to write a post for COTQ, I was thrilled! We were both English majors in university (that's where we met), sharing a deep love for the written word. … Continue reading RAF: Introducing Reba Rose

RAF: Breakups & Bad Decisions

Collar Club Members & Loyal Followers: I read this quote (and fell in love with it): "My New Year started February 1st. January was a trial period." Between Sex Coaching, and preparing for our Campaign, Sex in America, I've had little time to just get back to the heart of what I do: Writing! I … Continue reading RAF: Breakups & Bad Decisions