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July/Aug: Minx

This Collar Club Member of the Month needs no introduction, as you have been following her through the three part interview RAF Series – Minx: A Memoir:

Part I
Part II
The Finale

I would describe Minx as a self-love, and honesty giant (funny because she’s under five feet tall). She is resilient, despite her herstory, and loving, as a result of her past pain. She is a beautiful cross between shoulder-to-cry-on and no-sugar-coating kind of woman.

On a kinkier note, Minx seeks adventure, pleasure and love throughout her sexuality. She is open minded and accepting. I am honoured to call this force a longtime friend, and someone I know will be returning to COTQ.

If you wish to speak to Minx about any topic she has covered in her interview, contact me or follow her on Instagram @minxx25.

Topics covered: relationships with older men, abuse (sexual and physical, mental), abortion, family feuds (specifically mother-daughter relations), care taking for younger siblings, step parents, growing up without a parent (specifically without a father), how to release anger, communicate, and let go of toxic relationships.

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