Meet the Quean

noun [archaic]
an imprudent or badly behaved girl or woman.

In 2014 I met the love of my life, my French Dom, J. Since then my life has been nothing short of an adventure. From New Year’s Eve under the illuminated Eiffel Tower, to strip joints in Portugal, I’ve experienced a range of exhilaration. But this is much more than a diary or travel blog. I am a pansexual, submissive cuckquean on a mission to engage and educate as many people as possible on the topic of sexuality. My knowledge comes from both personal experience and [self] study. I believe, in order to be an honest educator, this balance is required.

So, why am I here? I have always been a high-desire individual; however, my true sexual awakening didn’t occur until my year abroad in Europe. Once I was out of reach of the sex-negative messages I had been receiving as a female growing up in a small, rural town, my erotic self began to expand. From this moment, I have been experiencing life from a new level of freedom, and heightened sexual awareness; one that is not confined by the heteronormative, binary narrative most of us have been fed our entire lives. No, I have rewritten my script, and have no intention of stopping.

Sexuality is an individual, ever-changing and expanding phenomenon. It is a major component to development, overall psychological and physical wellbeing. And if telling my truth gives someone even the slightest bit of courage to embrace theirs, than I have fulfilled my purpose.

I do understand that as humans, our existence is much broader than sexuality; however, our existence derives from sexuality, and therefore is not something that should be feared or shamed. Sexuality is a fundamental human expression, and each of us have the right to define what that means for ourselves.

I am a profound believer in the idea that sexual liberation and sexual equality can mend major threads of oppression, let alone more independent struggles, such as depression, anxiety and mental illnesses related to body image and repression of identity. As a recovered bulimic, I understand the weight that gender roles can play on sexuality, ultimately impacting our self-perception.

I wish to abolish this, among other things. I am one voice, but seek many. I have many projects on the go, and welcome collaborations and involvement. I’ve included links below, if you’re curious about what I’m up to.

As a COTQ audience member, I can assure you that I will be open and honest about my own sexual adventures, in hopes that you will find comfort and liberty in my words. I am always seeking good conversation, and recommendations for sex related events and resources. I look forward to sharing this journey with you!

Fuck-well, my friends!



Sex In America
SIA is a current project Master J and I are undertaking. We have begun traveling the US (and parts of Canada) in order to discover all things S.E.X, and report it back to you. From Meet Ups in every city, to interviews with sex and industry workers, reviewing sex clubs, and addressing sexual taboos and issues, we aim to cover it all. Where do you come in? Follow the link (heading) to support conversations that matter. Any and all donations are put into the financial backing of this trip. By becoming a part of the SIA team, you are reinforcing the fact that sexual education is important. Every penny and every voice counts!

Status: currently in Phase I of SIA, and have raised nearly half the funds required for this phase, and are so grateful!

For upcoming Meet Ups, join my GROUP and keep an eye out for events nearby. I hope to meet you when I visit your city!

Sex With Friends
SWF is a podcast/video show on Patreon run by me, Quean Mo. This is the platform where you, my beloved audience, can tune in on all that’s taking place throughout our road trip (SIA). By subscribing for as little as $5/month, you’ll have access to 2 episodes per month, plus a variety of relevant resources. Episodes consist of topics (that Patrons can suggest/vote on – see tiers) covered by my guests and I. SWF also offers monthly challenges, opportunities to ask questions on the show, live feeds, and other bonus features! My aim is to build SWF into a wonderful, open and safe online space for you.

“The more you can help people to do self-inquiry, to tell their own stories, to find their own words, to learn their own body, the more your work will be couched in liberation rather than oppression. We can never be the expert in someone else’s body, needs, experiences, or sensations, so I believe sex ed is moving away from telling people how to feel, what to like, how to do the thing and towards a model of communication, vulnerability, self-inquiry, and support.” – Dawn Serra, Sex & Relationship Coach/Sex Educator