The Quean’s Social Hour – Open

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Quean /kwēn/

noun [archaic]
an imprudent or badly behaved woman

Are you an ethical slut?



Maybe even enjoy your partner having some fun on the side?

Are you a unicorn? Cuckcake?

Maybe you’re single and seeking some like-minded open minds…

If any of this resonates with you, you’ve heard the call!

This is where naughty womxn gather…

If I’ve learned anything since the debut of COTQ, it’s that most queans don’t have a place to let their hair down.

In other words, it’s hard to find a safe space to speak about our turn ons, turn offs, fears and jealousy.

Especially in the context of open relationships and cuckqueaning.

Being a quean shouldn’t feel isolating or lonely. It should be a thing of celebration!

That’s why I’m starting the Quean’s Social Hour!

It’s time we find friendships, build confidence, and celebrate our pleasure together!

Get your name on the list today…

By filling out the form below, you are joining a secret society of womxn who want to hear your story and share their own!

The Quean’s Social Hour does have limited spots and will commence once we hit the minimum capacity of 10 attendees.

The hour will be held online through Google Meet* and lead by yours truly, Quean Mo!

I will do my very best to accommodate attendees’ schedules, so please include your time zone and availability when filling out the form.

Each social hour will have a theme that is pertinent to the group. As time goes on, you will also have opportunities to give feedback. My goal is to have a collaborate experience to make this time as fun and relevant as possible.

To start, social hours will be held once a month, subject to change depending on the demand and number of our attendees.

The goal is to commemorate the quean that lives in each of us…

I believe that our wellbeing is deeply rooted in our sexuality, whatever our sexuality may be.

So, come celebrate with me and fellow queans by filling out the form below.

See you on the other side, where self-discovery is freedom.

Leaving so soon? Why not take an extra 5 for your pleasure:

*Information is subject to change; event details will be provided via email.