Sex Coaching with the Quean

As a Sex Coach, my goal is to assist Clients in adopting, accepting and embracing their sexuality through foreword thinking, goal oriented action steps, techniques, and tools.

As human beings, our wellbeing is deeply rooted in our sexuality. We quite literally come from sex, and therefore our connection to this part of ourselves is critical for an overall positive perception of our presence on this planet.

Whether you are a single mom in need of dating tips, a gentleman with an overwhelming foot fetish, LGBTQAI looking for a warm and welcoming community, or simply seeking a remedy for a sexless relationship, I would be honoured to collaborate with you in reaching any and all sexual and/or relational goals you have, be it with yourself or partners.

Coaching specializations include, but are not limited to:

  • Confidence building, body image and self-awareness
  • Pain, pleasure and orgasm
  • Mismatched desires within relationships
  • Relationship issues surrounding sexuality such as lack of intimacy, dealing with jealousy, communication, etc.
  • Fantasies, fetishes, kink and boundaries
  • Open relationships, cuck relationships and other monogamish/poly dynamics

Packages & Pricing

15 Minute Consultation – Free

1 Hour Session – $120 USD
Includes follow up email, and relevant resources (if applicable).

1 Month Package – $425 USD
Includes 1 hour session per week (for 4 consecutive weeks), follow up email after each session, including recommended resources (if applicable). 

3 Month Package – $1200 USD **currently unavailable**
Includes 1 hour session per week (for 12 consecutive weeks), follow up email after each session including recommended resources (if applicable).

Add on services by request. Email for more information.

Financial Assistance Application

Your income should not be a determinant of your right to sexual education/resources and a fulfilling sex life. For this reason, I am accepting applications from individuals who are seeking sex coaching, but don’t necessarily have the financial means to support their need. To apply, please follow the instructions below:

Please email answers to the following questions to, with subject line: SC-FA Application:

  1. Why am I seeking Sex Coaching?
  2. What makes me eligible for reduced pricing/free services?
  3. Please select the option that best describes your current living situation: single household/married or common-law/roommate or family
  4. Please include the number of dependants you have (example: 3 children)
  5. Please include whether you work full time/part time/unemployed/student/other (specify), and your monthly income.

NOTE: I do my best to review each application within 72 hours max. Please understand that although I take every step to keep all personal information private, email communication cannot guarantee confidentiality. If you are concerned sharing specific details via email, please, let me know you are interested in applying and we can set up an alternative form of communication (video chat, audio chat, messenger, etc.).