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Quean /kwēn/
noun [archaic]
an imprudent or badly behaved woman; a whore.

Welcome to Call of the Quean (COTQ), a place for hedonists, mental health junkies, and anyone who wants to be “better” at sex.

The Quean

In 2014 I met James, the love of my life. Since then, it has been nothing short of an adventure. From strip joints in Portugal to the most celebrated sex clubs and resorts around the world, I’ve experienced a range of exhilaration. But this is much more than a diary or travel blog. I am a pansexual, sexually liberated woman on a mission to engage and liberate as many people as possible on the topic of sexuality, relationships, and mental health. My knowledge comes from both personal experience and study. I believe, in order to be an honest educator, this balance is required.

Why I’m Here

I have always been a high-desire individual; however, my true sexual awakening occurred in 2017 – during my year abroad in Europe. The misogynistic, sex-negative messages I received growing up in a small, rural town, began to shed, and my erotic self expanded. Since, I have experienced life through a sexually liberated lens; one that is not defined by society’s heterotypical, binary narrative. I have rewritten my script and have no intention of stopping.

Interested in my sexual rebirth? Check out my debut article, A Stripper Saved My Life.

My Message

Sexuality is an individual, ever-changing, and expanding phenomenon. It is a major component to development, overall psychological and physical wellbeing. And if telling my truth gives someone even the slightest bit of courage to embrace theirs, then I have fulfilled my purpose. In fact, these are the four recurring messages you’re sure to receive here:

  1. The most important relationship you’ll ever have is the one with yourself.
  2. Pleasure is both your responsibility and birth right!
  3. Sex-positivity is critical for development, mental health, and gender equality.
  4. Sexuality is fluid. Sexuality is a spectrum.

You do not have to stay inside the box that was built for you. In fact, there’s more space for you out here!

I understand our existence is much broader than sexuality; however, our existence derives from sexuality, and therefore is not something we should shame or fear. Sexuality is a fundamental human expression, and each of us has the right to define what that means for ourselves.

I am a profound believer that sexual liberation and sexual equality can mend major threads of oppression, let alone more independent struggles, such as depression, anxiety and mental illnesses related to body image and repression of identity. As a recovered bulimic, I understand the weight that gender roles can play on self-worth and sexuality, as well as media’s unattainable beauty standards.

My goal is to show up for you in ways the world hasn’t, simply so you can learn to show up for yourself. I am one voice but seek many. I have a variety of projects on the go, and welcome collaborations and involvement. If you’re curious about what I’m up to and how to connect, I’ve included links below. For guidance on how to navigate this website, read on.

Navigating COTQ

The following are descriptions for each section of the site. This will come in handy if you’re looking for a specific theme or topic:


This is where the magic happens. Luxurious travel, mental health hacks, relationship advice, and kink-positive stories make up the bulk of quality content written by Quean Mo and Guests. For those interested in a specific topic, this is our index:

Blogging and Writing

Here you will find creative writing by Quean Mo, and tips and topics on the art of blogging.

Kinky Quean

This section is for our fellow freaks! This category includes wicked topics on all thinks k-i-n-k – from BDSM and fetishes to dark fantasies.

Mental Health Quean

Here you will find tools, tips, and truths on how to navigate mental health. Please keep in mind we are not medical professionals, and all information is based on the personal experiences of Quean Mo and her Guests.

Unconventional Quean

This category is based on stories, information, and resources for anything outside heterotypical, monogamous, gender-binaries. For example, open relationships and queerness!

Sexual Health Quean

Content here is specific to sexual health which includes, but is not limited to, topics on sex-positive sex education, pleasure and orgasm, anatomy, birth control (including abortion) and reproduction, sexual assault awareness and prevention, destigmatizing STIs, body image and self-esteem.

Real As Fuck Collection

This category includes Q&As, interviews, and guest posts on relevant and sensitive topics about sexuality, relationships, and wellbeing.

Reviews, Testimonials, Products

From wish lists to tried and true sex toys and equipment, this category will have you craving new things and wild adventures.

Romantic Quean

From relationship tips and advice to date night ideas, this category is for the love makers – those of us who aspire to have intentional relationships.

Quean Mo

Autobiographical content by and about Quean Mo and James, covering their journey of sexual discovery, recovery and more.

Sex Clubs and Tourism

Content here includes feedback and experiences from all over the world! Sex clubs to nudist villages, we’ve seen it all!

Solo Quean

The most important relationship is the one we have with ourselves. This category is a tribute to my beautiful singles out there, or people looking to find independence and thrive on their own. Some goodies to look forward to: self-care, masturbation, sexual self-discovery, dating (yourself and others), casual sex, and more!

Royal Playground

Quean Mo and James are always looking for new ways to spice things up. From toys and equipment to wellness products, here you will find their wish lists and beloved vendors.


The place to submit stories, topic ideas, inquiries, collaborations, and comments.


Be sure to review COTQ’s terms before diving in. This includes NSFW disclaimers, age restrictions, additional resources, copyright notices, privacy, etc.

Final Remarks and Club Royal

The more aware we are of our needs and desires, the easier life becomes. As a Call of the Quean reader, I can assure you that I will be as open and honest about my own sexual becoming, in hopes that you will find comfort and liberty in my words. I am always seeking good conversation, and recommendations for sex-related events and resources. To connect with me personally, and be a part of my community, join Club Royal here. What you’ll get:

  • The Sexual Self-Esteem and Acceptance Challenge (mini-program)
  • Access to Exclusive Facebook Group
  • E-Newsletters from Yours Truly

See you on the other side, where self-discovery is freedom!

Fuck well, friends!

Quean Mo xx

Other Writings and Features

Rebel Love

Quean Mo is the sexuality columnist for Rebel Love, an inclusive and honest e-mag of real stories written by real people. Here are a few of her latest articles:

5 Unique Valentine’s Day Ideas Tailored To You!
10 Sexually Liberating New Year’s Resolutions!
13 Sex-Positive Items to Add to Your Wish List this Holiday Season!
Normalizing Sex with Female Pleasure!

Catch Quean Mo on the Rebel Love Podcast here. Prefer a visual, watch it on Rebel Love’s YouTube Channel.

“The more you can help people to do self-inquiry, to tell their own stories, to find their own words, to learn their own body, the more your work will be couched in liberation rather than oppression. We can never be the expert in someone else’s body, needs, experiences, or sensations, so I believe sex-ed is moving away from telling people how to feel, what to like, how to do the thing and towards a model of communication, vulnerability, self-inquiry, and support.”

– Dawn Serra, Sex & Relationship Coach/Sex Educator


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