RAF: Reba Rose – Hoping Practice Makes Perfect

Every time I receive an email from this human - especially when there's a word doc attached to it - I get all giddy, for I know what I'm about to open will be profoundly moving. The best part is, she doesn't even mean to do it. Sometimes our truths are the most influential; sometimes … Continue reading RAF: Reba Rose – Hoping Practice Makes Perfect

Cuckquean Diaries: Crowned, Part II

Hearing another woman call my husband ‘Master’ had an impact as potent as hearing someone else tell him, “I love you.” It stung, felt foreign and insulting...yet, I couldn’t help but giggle. A lot, in fact. When she entered the room, wearing nothing but my collar, something inside of me twisted (even more so than … Continue reading Cuckquean Diaries: Crowned, Part II

RAF: When My Wife Came Out to Me…

I feel like I've introduced him a thousand times (and I never get sick of it)...but today, rather than me reiterating events, or lessons learned, he takes to the keyboard in his first ever guest post. A little funny, and very honest, without further ado, the love of my life, my rock, and the man … Continue reading RAF: When My Wife Came Out to Me…

RAF: Introducing Reba Rose

There is no proper way to introduce my first guest writer, Reba Rose. She's a dear friend, a warrior, and a talented wordsmith. When she first asked to write a post for COTQ, I was thrilled! We were both English majors in university (that's where we met), sharing a deep love for the written word. … Continue reading RAF: Introducing Reba Rose

Let’s Hear It For New York

Going to the city that never sleeps is always an exciting venture. I imagined cocktails on rooftops, sex parties in slow motion, and finding bliss in Bowery. I'd be lying if I said none of those things happened (more on that later). For now here are some of the highs and lows the concrete jungle … Continue reading Let’s Hear It For New York

The Next Generation

The rain had stopped in the city, and I'd been aching to feel the breeze on my skin again. I'd basically become a hermit in the Big Apple. The problem was, the apartment had been far too warm for any kind of kanoodling, so it felt like a good opportunity to get some of that … Continue reading The Next Generation

Van Life Diaries: Didn’t Break the Bed

Van life has begun! We are just finishing our second week, and although we have been indulged by people offering up their couches, and my parents booking motels, the few experiences Master J and I have actually had in the van thus far have been...interesting. Let's just say I've been confronted by many fears since … Continue reading Van Life Diaries: Didn’t Break the Bed