RAF: Reba Rose – Hoping Practice Makes Perfect

Every time I receive an email from this human - especially when there's a word doc attached to it - I get all giddy, for I know what I'm about to open will be profoundly moving. The best part is, she doesn't even mean to do it. Sometimes our truths are the most influential; sometimes … Continue reading RAF: Reba Rose – Hoping Practice Makes Perfect

RAF: The True Evil

It’s Name: Jealousy So here it is, the truth about the pain I’ve been in recently. It’s a difficult thing to explain because it has been a difficult space to inhabit. I never imagined my relationship with Master J could take such an intense dive. But it did, and I’ve only recently come back up … Continue reading RAF: The True Evil

Lexi, My Husband’s Sex Friend

Sitting, looking out onto the mountainous scenery, I’m struck by something. It’s a feeling I’ve never known before. It resides somewhere between jealousy, arousal and compersion. It’s confusing, thrilling, and addicting. My husband has a sex friend. I repeat to myself. An online one. Her name is Lexi. They began speaking over FetLife just before … Continue reading Lexi, My Husband’s Sex Friend