QLQ: What are 7 things on your sexual bucket list?

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Even though sex and pleasure are frequent and recurring topics between James and I, it took me time to create this list. I wanted to include my most potent desires and important ambitions…

Although the question asks about “sexual” bucket list items, I didn’t just focus on the act of sex and pleasure, but also things I’d like to accomplish within the arena of sex and pleasure.

As a sex blogger, I’m excited to share both my desires, fantasies, and career goals with you! Many of you have been with me for some time, and the 7 things currently on my sexual bucket list will give you some insight as to where my focus lies or is heading. Here we go…

1. Launch the Queandom

Last September I announced that I am building The Queandom and invited all of you to share your preferences (survey here) on what it should look like. I have received so many wonderful responses and am thrilled to say it is coming soon

If you enjoy COTQ content, you will love the conversations I have with guests, the behind-the-scenes footage I’ll share, and the growing pleasure-positive community! 

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2. Sexy Travel Appearances

As you know, James and I are avid Sexy Travellers. In fact, it is a main priority: 

<3 Luxury

<3 People

<3 Pleasure

When we get settled in the US, I’d like to pursue a network of Sexy Travel venues and resorts, in hopes that I will be invited to make appearances, have inspiring conversations, and write smashing reviews of the right places. 

3. Host Exclusive Pleasure Parties

This is a mutual dream for James and me. We’d love to be in a position where we can host recurring and exclusive pleasure parties. The venues would alternate between luxurious ballrooms and suites, with a variety of themes.

4. Birthday Party at Oasis

My husband turns the big 4-oh next year (don’t tell him I told you!), and my dreammmm is to host his birthday at the Oasis Aqua Lounge, where interested women can join in some fun, sexy games and activities, all while celebrating my favorite man.

5. Quean from the Top

My ultimate fantasy is to watch James in a reverse gangbang from an elevated position (like a balcony overlooking a stage or something), while being served drinks and hors-d’oeuvres by beautiful men.

6. Masked Madness

On a similar note, I want to be a spectator of an orgy of people dressed up in different costumes and masks. Again, this could be a recurring show. I would love to see this played out in different themes: animal kingdom; masquerade ball; superhero and villains; Victorian era; the roaring 20s; Victoria’s Secret…

7. Author

Lastly – and this may come as no surprise – one day, I hope to be a published author. This blog has already brought so many opportunities, and I think it could be great leverage in pitching one of my (many) book ideas.

The List that Never Ends

What is on your sexual bucket list? Do you even have one?

Call of the Quean was once an item on a bucket list. I started three other blogs before COTQ was born. The first three bombed, but trial and error are such important pieces to success! I have no doubt that I will one day fulfill every item on this list.

Thanks for your QLQ.


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  1. I’m not just talking about the act of sex. I’m talking about the experience of sex. I want to experience everything and be with the best of the best.
    Great PostThanks for a great post

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