Hot Husbanding for Beginners: How to Ride it Out


James is the most heterosexual person I know, and I always follow that fact up with the joke: 

No one’s perfect.

Even his porn excludes the penis(!), making our adult film preferences incompatible. But the other night, James was so excited by a video he found that he asked if I’d watch it with him.

He explained it was a homevideo-style, girl-on-girl porn; ethical, playful, not hardcore. I felt indifferent, but wanted to see what all the fuss was about. Basically, there was a dominant brunette with a strap-on, and a subby blonde who, from my perspective, was the star of the show.

About 3 minutes in, I was already bored, but I could see James was really excited by it (which, you know, excites me!). So, I thought, “how can I have more fun in this situation?” And that’s when it occurred to me: 

Create a quasi-hot husband experience.

If you are new to cuckqueaning or hot husbanding and are ready to dip your toe in the waters (without going full-fledged cuck), this may be the perfect exploratory scenario for you…

  1. Find an ethical porn video that’ll arouse your Hot Husband
  2. Set up an area you both fit comfortably on (we used our pull-out couch and a laptop)
  3. Hit play, and get into the vibe of the video
  4. When (if) you feel ready, touch or use your Hot Husband while he keeps his eyes on the screen

You can really make the experience your own!

But, despite the spontaneity of my experience, I recommend you speak to your partner beforehand and afterwards (especially if you’re new to this lifestyle). There was a moment where I asked James if he’d be okay to focus on the screen while I pleased the two of us using his body. I made my intention known, and he consented.

The best part about this scenario is you are present, experiencing him experiencing pleasure, without the need to speak or create an elaborate scene. He could just sit there while you ride him, using his body, as he enjoys the show (which is exactly what I did!).

Whether you consider yourself a cuckquean or not, sharing your partner in any capacity may feel strange. For this reason, don’t hesitate to communicate why you want to give this experience a try, and what you’re worried about (if anything at all). 

When James and I first met, I found the concept of porn as enraging as infidelity. That feeling is long gone; however, you may still hold reservations about porn or your partner viewing it. Perhaps that’s a great starting point for discussion:

<3 What is your current relationship to porn?

<3 Could porn be a tool to help you explore your fantasies? In what capacity?

<3 What boundaries do you have around porn?

<3 What types of porn are off-limits? What types of porn turn-you on? If you are unsure, schedule a time to explore ethical porn together (and separately, if both parties are comfortable with that).

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By using each other as sexy props, you can gauge how each of you feel without the risks of jumping in with another person. 

For example:

Did you enjoy seeing/hearing your partner become aroused? How did it feel knowing your Hot Husband took pleasure while watching someone else? 

Of course, there are obvious differences between this and the real thing; however, it will help reveal specific areas that require attention, such as insecurities, turn ons, turn offs, limiting beliefs around sex, love, and pleasure (even porn).

It’s a hands-off, can-stop-any-time approach to cuckqueaning or hot husbanding without the pressure of having a third party in the room with you.

So, tell me, will you try it?

Until next time,

You know what to do 😉

Quean Mo xx

P.S. What is a unique experience you’ve had to ease your way into a fantasy? Share in the comments below!

5 thoughts on “Hot Husbanding for Beginners: How to Ride it Out

  1. My wife Anna, who makes love to strangers every now and then, asked me one day to turn on a gay porn. While we were watching that, Anna fucked me doggy with a strapon. that was also a special experience for me, as a straight man.

  2. My wife’s ‘coming out’ moment for this kink was when we went to a strip club. She loved watching me get a lap dance and that was it. So I think going to a strip club and seeing your husband be pleasured in a safe way is a good way to start things off.

    Maybe step 2…

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