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Luxurious travel, mental health hacks, and kink-positive stories, from an international married couple, and sex-positive guests.

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Sex & Relationships

Quean Mo and guests share very personal details about their own relationships (even the one with themselves), sexuality, and lessons learned along the way.

Luxury & Adventure

With pleasure as their compass, Quean Mo and James are always seeking new adventure. With a love for luxury, there’s no telling where they’ll be off to next.

Lifestyle & Kink

Discover kink-enthusiasts, fetishists, and open relationships as Quean Mo and James dig deeper into their desires, and confront conventional thinking.

Our Most Recent Adventures

  • Ethical Sex Tourism: What It Is and Why We Do It
    Have you ever wondered what “sex tourism” is, and what makes it so controversial? Join me as I discuss this, how to make it ethical, and why it’s important…
  • Pride Tribute: Why It Took Me So Long to Embrace My Queerness
    I recall sitting next to one of my childhood friends on the bus to our high school, and I somehow mustered the courage  to say, “I’ve thought about you being my girlfriend before.” At that time I had a boyfriend – the hetero-safety-blanket, so I never pursued this crush any further. But why? Let’s talk about the struggle of embracing queerness…
  • Kissing Roundup: Celebrating the International Day of Smooching
    Did you know we are one of the few species that practice the art of kissing? And, we have an entire day dedicated to it! Here’s my tribute and well wishes – Happy Kissing Day, Friends!

What Our Readers Are Saying

“Changed my life and relationship.”

I struggled with my sexuality for so long. This blog gave me the language to begin self-identifying. Quean Mo changed my life and relationship.

Harley, New York USA

“I think you just saved my life…”

This stuff is so taboo, and yet when I read Call of the Quean, it seems so natural and easy. I think you just saved my life…

William, California USA

“The most genuine person I’ve met! “

The blog is something, but if you ever get a chance to speak to the Quean, take it! The most genuine person I’ve ever met!

Rob, Ontario CA

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Quean Mo is a writer for Rebel Love, a relationship and sexuality blog focused on sex, money, and how to find, keep, and let go of love.

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Podcast Episodes:

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