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Travel, unconventional relationships, and kink-positive stories from Quean Mo and sex-positive guests.

COTQ is an inclusive, sexually-liberated space.

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What to Expect


Quean Mo and guests share personal details about their own relationships, and sexual health journeys beyond the scope of heterotypical monogamy.

Consent & Curiosity

Quean Mo offers fun and creative tools for others to experience an ethically pleasurable existence. Guides coming soon…

Sexy Travel

With pleasure as her compass, Quean Mo travels the world, exploring adult spaces. With a taste for luxury and lust, there’s no telling where she’ll be off to next.

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What Our Readers Are Saying

“Changed my life and relationship.”

I struggled with my sexuality for so long. This blog gave me the language to begin self-identifying. Quean Mo changed my life and relationship.

Harley, New York USA

“I think you just saved my life…”

This stuff is so taboo, and yet when I read Call of the Quean, it seems so natural and easy. I think you just saved my life…

William, California USA

“The most genuine person I’ve met! “

The blog is something, but if you ever get a chance to speak to the Quean, take it! The most genuine person I’ve ever met!

Rob, Ontario CA